President’s Message-The La Cañada Difference

You’ve heard it before: “We made the decision to live in La Cañada for the schools and for the strong sense of community.” I’d venture to guess that many of you made that choice for some of the same reasons. That turns out to have been a really great decision – because, while it’s hard to truly quantify or identify – there is a difference here.

So, what is the La Cañada difference?

It’s the difference that you feel while watching your kids perform in the year-end school musical or in the 3rd grade recorder concert;

It’s the difference it makes when parent volunteers are welcome in classrooms and on campus to supplement the hard work of our wonderful and dedicated teachers;

It’s the difference our kids experience when they are challenged to not just know the right answer, but to think critically and become involved in the learning process;

It’s the difference that happens when elementary students are exposed to opportunities that allow them to find their passion;

It’s the difference it means when a comprehensive high school offers such a wide range of classes and electives that all students can find something to help them hone and pursue those passions;

It’s the difference that low student to elementary teacher and high school counselor ratios make in the educational experiences for our children;

It’s the difference we see when a school district is run on the premise of “kids first” — and when thoughtful,

strategic, sustainable and fiscally prudent planning is the

cornerstone of governance.

But perhaps the biggest difference of all is La Cañada’s ability to do more with less. 

The State of California ranks 47th in the nation in funding, with La Cañada among the lowest funded

unified school districts in the state. Yes, the bottom of the bottom. And yet, the La Cañada difference is also evidenced in our ability to not be willing to settle for that.

Each and every year our school families and local community raise us up and help us overcome the

financial adversity the district faces. Your commitment, your hard work and your generosity are the reason we are where we are — and so truly…

The “La Cañada difference” is YOU.

As we embark on another school year, I hope you will continue to be the sustainable difference for our children and our community.


Josh Epstein, LCFEF Presidentññnñ