Endow LCF

The Endow LCF initiative strives to raise $2,000,000 in new pledges for the LCFEF’s Endowment Fund.

Since 2008, our schools have been playing defense to ensure that we could just maintain the status quo for our students.  While that’s an ongoing challenge the Foundation’s Annual Fund appeal must address each and every year, the Endowment Fund was created by visionaries over twenty years ago as a long-term strategy to create stability for our schools.

The Endow LCF campaign hopes to improve upon the status quo; to get new and younger families involved who benefit from the Endowment’s corpus which is the single largest donor to the Annual Fund each and every year.   Since it’s inception, the Endowment has contributed over $1,000,000 to the day-to-day operations of our schools.  Should Endow LCF meet its goal, it is projected that the Endowment could make an annual gift to the District of up to $300,000 each and every year.

Campaign Total to-date: $1,395,000

Donors to-date:

Gordon and Dona Crawford

Matt and Justine Plocher

Chris and Kelly Davis
Andrew and Nicole Johnsen
Craig and Melissa Mazin
Chris and Michele Morgan
John and Gina Ricci
Brad and Vicki Schwartz
Harpal and Gita Singh
Gene and Mindy Stein
Scott and Mary Tracy
Kevin and Sandy Tsujihara
Paul and Betty Woolls

Chris and Alex deFaria
Steve and Elysa DelGuercio
Doug and Ann Drummond
Kevin and Heather Ehrhart
Eric and Shelby Grey
Tim and Shannon Griffin
Chad and Alison Heath
Kevin and Leslie Kevorkian
Kevin and Carrie Martin
Peter and Kelly McWilliams
Jeremy and Julie Milbrodt
John and Shannon Petersen
Brent and Tara Woodford
Michael and Tammy Wright

Bob and Julia Cooper
Chris and Christie Matarese
Jason and Billie Melillo
Paul and Crista Murray
Jeff and Karmen Parks
Chris and Melody Petrossian
Brent and Deborah Weirick

Josh and Paris Cohen
Barry and Lisa Reed
Shaw Wagener and Deborah Heitz

Keith and Monique Bonnici
Willan Johnson and Lakshmi Dastur
DeWayne and Mary Mcmullin
Samar and Andrey Phillips
David and McNally Sagal

The Endow LCF Committee comprises Endowment Chair, Kevin Martin and Endowment Trustees Brad Schwartz, Bob Cooper, Craig Mazin and LCFEF Executive Director Deborah Weirick.

For more information about the Endow LCF Campaign, contact the Foundation office at 818-952-4268.  For more information about the Endowment Fund, click here.