Endowment Fund Donors

This list represents all donors to the Endowment Fund since its inception in 1992.

The Hotchkin Family
Rose Harrington
The Shupper Family Foundation
Fairmount Enterprises, LP
Gene and Mindy Stein
Joel and Wendy Bennett
Peter Palermo and Jeanne Maus
Gordon and Dona Crawford
Casey and Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
The Phyllis and Angelo Mozilo Family Foundation
Michael and Jodi Powers
Scott and Mary Tracy

Elizabeth Andresen
Gertrude Josephine Bennett Family Foundation
Greg Boreham and Nancy Fairchild
Stephen and Elysa DelGuercio
Kenneth and Lori Gorvetzian
Brad and Vicki Schwartz

Ron and Fabiana Badie
David and Julie Battaglia
Gertrude Bennett
Malcolm Boyd and Renee LaBran
Andrew and Joyce Chang
Doris Young Coates
Chris and Kelly Davis
Sandy Gauntlett
Mike and Jane Goldberg
Paul and Heather Haaga
Leonard and Mary Kenney
James and Melanie Liu
Paul and Crista Murray
Joel and Darleen Peterson
Matthew and Justine Plocher
John and Robin Renfro
Diana Schulz
Don and Cayce Sheppard
Mark and Jan Tinoco
Jon and Ginny Tolkin
Kevin and Sandy Tsujihara
Brad and Clarissa Weirick

Elizabeth Argue
Denny and Brynn Barge
Jack and Patricia Beauchamp
Chris and Sonja Bradley
Jeanne Broberg
Kirk and Constance Campbell
William and Raissa Choi
Dhiya and Mindy El-Saden
Dana and Rose Fox
Sue and Tom Fuelling
Andy and Debbie Gilmour
Lee and Hilary Gregg
Chad and Alison Heath
Charles and Kathryn Hofgaarden
Andrew and Nicole Johnsen
Hugh and Diane Jones
Kevin and Leslie Kevorkian
Craig and Theresa King
Campbell Family Foundation
Peter and Teri Lauenstein
Lou Jones & Associates
Vito and Rebecca Mairone
Kevin and Carrie Martin
Craig and Melissa Mazin
Mike and Ingrid McConnell
David and Elizabeth McFadzean
Danielle McPherson
Peter and Kelly McWilliams
Jason and Billie Melillo
Irene Mendon
Raffi and Myrna Mesrobian
Al and Vaida Mikuckis
Craig Miller and Lisa Arnett
Jeffrey Miller and Paula Miller
Scott and Lindsay Monroe
Chris and Michelle Morgan
Robert and Shelley Packer
Jeffrey and Karmen Parks
John and Shannon Petersen
John and Georgina Ricci
Glendon and Kelley Rusch
Mark and Nancy Samuels
Harpal and Gita Singh
Kathleen Smith
E. Lawrence and Mary Spencer-Smith
Tracy and Suzanne Stewart
Alex and Vickie Taylor
Donald and Lynn Voss
Shaw Wagener and Deborah Heitz
Brent and Deborah Weirick
Charles and Martha Wolf
Brent and Tara Woodford
Charles and Tammie Woodhouse
Paul and Betty Woolls
Philip and Wendy Wyatt

Joseph and Elsa Behney
Mel and Emily Blaney
Jack and Barbara Dawson
Glenn and Merrily Gumpel
Daniel and Debra Heller
Ken and Vicki Ho
Theo and Wendy Kolokotrones
Nathan and Carol Lewis
Ben and Lucia Logan
Warren Loui and Rose Chan
Ray Matthews and Susan Stein
Robert Miller and Pamela Hemminger
Christopher and Beth Milton
Chuck and Angela Mitchell
Jim and Cary Moore
Peter and Catherine Palermo
Reid and Joyce Samuelson
John and Melissa Schiller
Ron and Lydia Valenta
Kathleen Waller
Mark and Laura Willes

Todd Andrews and Alison McQuay
Derek and Kristi Borisoff
Tom Bouquet and Rowena Yeung
Geoffrey and Kathleen Bywater
Frank and Margaret Campbell
Richard and Sharen Cholakian
Bob and Julia Cooper
Sara E. Davis
Chris and Monica DeMoulin
Jay and Lisa Dick
Doug and Ann Drummond
George and Patricia Garfield
Fred and Allyson Gartside
Richard and Christine Goetz
Mark and Lisa Goldstein
Mike and Jenna Goodwin
Wayne and Yvonne Herron
Dwight and Judy Hiscox
Edgar and Catherine Hotchkin
Jeff and Terry Huffman
Marsha Hymanson
Charles and Mary Kenny
Steven and Penny Ledbetter
Mark and Gloria Lilly
Michael and Beth Lynch
Gabriel and Lisa Mikailian
Konstantin Penanen and Shilpa Jain
Barry and Marilyn Riedel
Ken and Stacey Smersfelt
John and Delaina Sotoodeh
Richard and Cater Swartzlander
Keith and Tracy Tobias
Sam and Debbie White
Scott and Karen Young
Mr. and Mrs. John Zackrison

Kevin and Julie Abbott
Roy and Mary Ashford
Stephen Bache
Neal and Molly Brockmeyer
Lester Brown and Patsy VanDyke
Kent and Laurie Candelora
Garry and Marsha Choy Chan
Robin Collins
Peter and Suet Dong
Roland Duquette
Emil Eyvazoff
Fiel Foundation
Scott and Catheryn Fuller
Craig and Janna Gosselin
Tom and Pam Hoffman
Rick and Beatriz Kawabata
Brent and Marion Kuszyk
Lance and Julie Markowitz
Scott and Terry McKenzie
Jim Negele
Bill and Laura Olhasso
Mitchell Paull and Ardath Yamaga
William Pounders
Ken and Joy Rem
Andrew Roth
David and McNally Sagal
Alexander and Laura Seropian
James Shankwiler and Alexandria Darras
Jeff and Kathryn Speed
William and Patricia Tisch
Robert G. and Sandra E. van Schoonenberg
Bob and Susan VanValer
John Waller
John and Helen Yoon

Doug and Judy Baldwin
Douglas and Shelley Beck
Paul and Mary Blencowe
Craig and Lindy Bockman
Mark Borchert, MD and Karen Sherwood, MD
James and Maureen Bright
Dean Brock and Anne Buettner
J. Kenneth and Carol Brown
Chris and Shelley Buck
Patricia Burrall
Joshua and Paris Cohen
Chris and Alexandra deFaria
Andrew and Elisabeth Dick
Ernest Doizaki
Joel Fried
Steve and Grace Galton
James and Donna Gilmour
Eric and Shelby Grey
Timothy and Shannon Griffin
Joe and Lynda Grigg
Douglas and Shelley Halley
James and Cathy Hamm
Rich and Debbie Harris
David Haxton and Lori Moody
Carol Henneman
Seth and Shirley Hufstedler
Norman and Karen Iseri
James and Stephanie Kambe
Yale and Jenny Kim
Doron and Phyllis Kochavi
George and Patricia Koide
Bradley and Christine Lew
Rick Loakes and Dale Storz
Robert and Susan Long
John and Shelley Loter
Christopher and Christi Matarese
Marshall and Karen Mathison
Shawn and Sarah McCann
Jae and Hyun Moh
Gary Olson and Vicki Olson
Steve and Elena Park
Michael and Carol Peevey
Christopher and Melody Petrossian
William and Jerri Pih
Chris and Katie Poole
Lee and Peggy Rahn
Sunder and Mandy Ramani
Rahul and Smitha Ravipudi
Barry and Lisa Reed
Jack and Sally Samuelson
Lane and Michiko Shepherd
Craig Steele and Susan Wright
The Walt Disney Company Matching
Union Bank of California
Robert and Sharon Veeh
Jim and Lisa VonDerheide
Michael and Ellen Walkup
Fred and Rebecca Weaver
Brent and Elizabeth Whitfield
Andrew and Sun Yim
Phil and Liz Young

Fernando and Valerie Aenlle-Rocha
Allen Lund Company, Inc.
Antonio and Haydee Arboleda
Ara and Karine Aslanian
Tony and Monica Bagramyan
Brian and Connie Becker
Allen and Jill Blaisdell
Colleen Braun
Sam and Diane Buchanan
Thomas and Laura Buchanan
Wayne and Sheree Butts
Charlie Suh Realty
Greg and Yu-Chun Chin
Song Hwan and Yoonkyeong Choi
David and Emily Chow
Margaret Cole
Herbert and Francine Cooper
Mrs. Francis Critchlow
Leonardo and Lydia Cruz
Dan and Cindy deBrauwere
Dodd and Dahlia De Camp
Gregory and Heidi Dobbs
Richard and Marcia Dwyer
Kevin and Heather Ehrhart
Allen Eisenberg and Babs Fine
Leroy and Susan Fisher
Russ and Christie Frandsen
Sted and Robin Garber
Dan and Susan Garnic
Harold and Maylene Glidewell
Reg and Maggie Green
Brian Heimann
Michael and Sally Horner
Eldon Horst and Amy Chen
Kenneth Hudnut and Dana Coyle
Brian and Carol Hull
Ross and Tammy Jacinto
Daryl and Laura Jamison
Willan Johnson and Lakshmi Dastur
Steven and Rosalyn Jones
Scott and Susie Kim
Keith and Stacy Kinsel
Kirkland & Ellis
Donald and Pamela Knapp
Joseph and Aleen L. Langton
Daniel and Karen Levin
Craig and Robin Levra
Rick and Sujatha Mahalingam
John Mieding
Brian and Cindy Morris
Ken and Carolyn Mueller
Edward and Kirsten Newquist
Robert and Louisa O’Brien
Dr. George Orlof and Blanka Orlof
Peachy Canyon Winery
Donald and Beatrice Penniall
Liz Perrigue
Andrew and Samar Phillips
Jacek Pinski and Berta Kienle
George and Jody Platisa
Steven and Shari Preiss
Joe and Tina Radabaugh
Timothy and Joan Raney
Tom and Meredith Reynolds
Ray and Cheryl Schreck
Thomas and Bea Schumacher
Bill and Jill Scott
Mike and Kimberley Shannon
Margot Siess
Southland Stone
Todd and Cynthia Steckbeck
Carolyn Stephens
Stunt Road
Mark Swatek
Stephan and Shelley Thompson
Thomson Reuters
Ronald and Sandra Underwood
Michael and Kimberly Upton
David VanBuren and Susan Terebey
David and Judy VanWyk
Woody and Terry Walker
James and Jeanne Wallace
John and Nita Welch
Lawrence and Tracey Welk
Western Asset Management Co.
Garry and Dawn Weyand
Wade and Gaia Winter
David and Joy Woodruff
Brad and Emily Woods
Jeffrey and Cathy Woolf

Armen and Clara Abedian
Norm and Char Adams
Annette Aghadjanians
Charles and Marilee Ajalat
Jeevan and Angela Anand
Mircea and Carmen Badescu
Mr. and Mrs. Boris Bagdasarian
Jessie Barrett
Gregory and Karen Barsamian
Roger and Kaye Baymiller
Leo and Freny Berkenbile
David and Carole Bishop
Alexander Black and Loretta Savery
Michael and Carolynne Bloch
Donald Brown
Peter and Jennifer Burke
Gerald and Deanna Bushman
Michael and Tania Cahill
Edward Castro and Celina Lew
Michael and Susan Cavanagh
Christine Cease
Paul and Kelly Chamberlain
Alvin and Fiona Chen
Wayne and Soo Kim Choi
Ward and Ann Christensen
C. Shelby Coffey, III
Eri and Judy Cohen
John and Beth Connolly
Gerald and Irene Conroy
Brian and Suzann Cooper
Curtice and Karen Cornell
Richard and Jinny Dalbeck
Scott and Marion Darling
Mark Davidson and Lisa Brownfield
Richard and Shirley DeGrey
Rey and Mayra del Valle
Descanso Pediatric Medical Group
Chris and Darlene Dickie
Edward and Linn Dietz
Josh Epstein and Elizabeth Johnson
Ken Ferguson and Lori Nielsen
G. Thomas and Susan Fleming
Eric Forssen and Chenny Wong
Bob and Wendy Fowlie
Bernard Francois and Melinda Moss
Wilson and Merle Gee
Matthew and Linda Gerlach
Joy Gifford
Tim and Carrie Grochow
Thomas and Ann Grosch
Janet Lee Hamilton
ReMax Tri-City/Phyllis and George Harb
Mark and Jennifer Herzer
Dana and Laura Hobart
Jong Hwa and Hea Hong
Steven and Sara Ingrassia
Warren and Karen Jacob
Harold and Carolyn Jeffers
“Barry Jones, Dilbeck Realtors”
Vicki Kamida
Will and Lorna Kim
Brad and Judy Kolb
William Koury
Erin Kreditor
John Kulluk
La Cañada Junior Woman’s Club
Welby and Lucy Lai
Jeff and Becky Lankey
Lance and Young Lee
John and Elaine LeeWong
Hye Kyung and Seung Hoon Lim
Brett and Lanie Lindenfeld
John and Stephanie Love
John and Joyce Lovelace
Steve and Sarah Lowe
Tom and Adele Lun
Richard and Carolyn MacNeal
Michael and Patty Malone
Marsh & McLennan
Kent and Amanda McCammon
Bob and Janice McGlashan
Donald and Beth Miller
Kevin J. Mintie
Meera Modi
Will and Lynn Moffitt
Rick and Miriam Moore
David and Sheri Morton
Alfred and Ellen Multari
Joe and Priscilla Musso
Michael and Jean O’Brien
Shant and Leslie Ohanessian
Thomas and Barbara Pahk
Michael and Christy Palmer
Aaron and Helene Paris
Peter and Laura Park
David and Patty Parker
Richard and Lorraine Paulson
Ralf Persson and Janice DaVolio
Richard Pezner and Sandy Chan
Preferred Bank
Dana Roberts and Bessie Kouvara
James and Kayo Robertson
Joel and Ricki Robinson
Paul and Cynthia Roye
Ken and Jennifer Rubendall
Kai Ryssdal and Stephanie Fossan
Timothy and Michelle Sabourin
“Saiful/Bouquet, Structural Engineers, Inc.”
Gordon and Gail Sanders
Mark and Sheridan Sanders
Jack and Jackie Schaedel
Fred and Lori Schneider
William and Ileana Shaw
Marc and Emily Smernoff
Wayne and Joy Smith
Dave and Alice Spence
Mitchell and Janet Spitz
Gary and Eileen Stevens
Scott and Marta Sullivan
Lorraine Supple
Linda Swanson
Thanks a Million
John and Faye Therrien
Paul and Nancy Thompson
Robert and Elizabeth Toms
Debu and Becki Tripathy
Jacob and Tamar Tujian
Universal Studios
Koichi Uyemura and Linda Wong
Nicholas and Maria Vasiliou
Steve Vernon
Adele Waltch, LCSW
David Wang and Iris Yang
David and Leslie Warburton
Halbert Washburn
Eric and Jill Weinlein
Jim and Lesli Wickham
Doug and Pam Wilson
Leslie Wingate
Paul and Jill Wondries
Gary and Claudia Zentmyer
60 School Family gave a total of:

Ace-Tech Auto Center, Inc.
John and Doreen Aitelli
James and Karen Albanese
Leon Alexander
Marcotte and Caroline Anderson
David Apel and Judith Praitis
Brian and Christina Arnold
Frances Arnold
Skip and Judy Baker
Sam and Diane Balisy
Bank of America – Matching
William and Susan Baribault
P. James and Nancy Barthe
Eric and Lainie Baydian
Brad and Bonnie Beland
Ronald and Mary Bension
Mark and Amy Bernhard
Gerald and Rachel Blank
Jim Boreham
Chris Bourdon
Jeff and Jody Bradley
David Brenner
Larry and Elizabeth Brown
Gene and Mimi Burten
Bob Bush and Peggy O’Hara
F. E. Campbell, Jr. and Virginia Campbell
James and Toni Carideo
CBRE Real Estate Services
Glendola Chafin
James and Jill Chapman
Tom and Rosa Chen
Marvin and Julia Chow
James and Melanie Clark
Michael Clark and Donna Freed
Gerhard and Elna Coetzee
Samuel and Cynthia Coleman
Martin and Jeanne Cooper
William and Linda Creim
H B and Susan Cunningham
Kevin and Erin Cuxil
Bill and Elaine Davis
Mark and Susan Davis
Omar and Linda Del Cueto
Shahan and Ani DerOhannesian
Ronald and Sue Dietel
Roderick and Robin Dorman
Curt and Debra Doty
Howard and Traci Eisen
Gary and Miriam Ellis
Frederick and Julie Engler
Daniel Eskue and Julie DeRose
Kenneth and Pamela Faire
Wael Fakhry and Zemar Dajani-Fahkry
James and Karen Fayollat
Bruce and Debbie Fogarty
Greg Frame and Gillan Abercrombie Frame
Bradford and Lisa Freer
Kurt and Gayle Friedmann
Thomas and Sharon Fuelling
Galaxy Wine Co.
Larry Gertz and Leslie Gertz
J. Douglas and Margaret Gilmour
Frank and Rita Gooch
Phil and Andrea Gorman
Gaelle Gralnek
Wayne and Cynnie Griffin
Doug and Susanna Griffith
Nigel and Archana Gupta
Randy Hall and Janice Partyka
Justin and Sharlene Han
John and Kathie Hansen
Stephen and Priya Harder
Greg and Susan Harlan
Steven and Sandy Hartford
Rosalind Hayes
Eric and Samantha Heer
Harold and Meg Henderson
Thomas and Tracy Holmes
Gorik and Anita Hossepian
Thomas and Moira Foley Hurlbutt
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Dayton Jones and Debra Grubb
Gregory Jones and Nichole Auden
Jack and Kelly Joy
Peter and Cynthia Kahn
David and Julie Kane-Ritsch
Gary Kaplan and Linda Kaplan
Vincent and Corinne Katow
Christine Kaul
“Ketcham Estate, LLC”
Paul and Leah Kirste
Kurt Knechtel and Lauren LaVine
Sungwon and Katherine Ku
Rick and Leah Kurihara
Ray Kushida and Arlene Kushida
Stanley Lau and Catherine Chan
Jeremy and Lynn Laws
Thomas and Joyce Leddy
Dae and Sook Kyung Lee
Greg and Madeline Lee
Colin Leis
Feng Chuan and Jean Liu
William and Nancy Low
Robert and Maureen Lucas
Glenn and Catherine Lunde
Derek and Teryl MacDougall
John and Lisa Macho
Jack and Nora MacKenzie
Kim and Linh Man
Theresa Mason and Christina Wade
Jan and Vilay Matuska
John and Joan McCarthy
Tom and Dee Dee McCutchan
James McMenamin and Susan Smiley
DeWayne and Mary McMullin
Joseph Mealey and Deborah Pitts
Byung Min
Gary and Brooke Moore
Trent and Jiwon Moore
Wilson and Mayumi Morishita
Farhad and Marty Motia
Ken and Kristin Mueller
Bob and Kathy Murtfeldt
William and Sarah Nagel
Steve and Makiko Nakasone
Michael and Linda O’Callaghan
Yoo Kyung and In Sun Oh
Oregon Galaxy Wine Company
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Orr
Robert Ortiz and Kim Bartine
Christopher Overgaard
Brian and Deborah Parker
Pasadena Community Foundation
Derek and Pati Patao
Del and Audrey Paules
Lois Pepperman
Jan and Jill Pieterse
Porto’s Bakery
David and Marian Price
Arthur and Barbara Racklin
“Reid Construction & Development, Inc.”
Daniel and Kathy Renner
Resource Video
Tom Reynolds and Monica Bachner
Zelta Reynolds
Ryan and Nina Ries
Janah and Elizabeth Risha
Richard and Susan Rivett
Joe and Katie Russell
Ken and Sandi Saeger
Jim and Julie Scholler
John Gregory and Claire Seibly
Jim and Carol Settles
Aalok and Nicole Sharma
Peter Shimizu and Ann Mori
John and Carole Siegler
Jay and Kathie Simmons
Jasjit and Renu Singh
Matthew and Christina Snow
Stephen Stedry and Barbara Stedry
Steven and Rene Steinberg
Steven Ingrassia Agency, Inc.
Karen Stoffel
Hwan and Michelle Suk
Mark and Melanie Swain
Hong and Wei Mi Tang
Kenneth S. and Julie Tang
Tanner Trading LLC
Scott and Darlene Taylor
Mark and Cinda Teodo
Thomas and Marla Thornton
Daniel and Kathryn VanWie
Joseph and Melissa Varraveto
Ted and Esther Vavoulis
Chris and Carolyn VonDerAhe
Eric Wagner and Kelley Case
John and Sandy Walker
Cardon and Lisa Walker
Jason and Yolanda Ware
Malcolm and Lissa Wehrle
Susanne Whately-Miller
Brook Williams
Eric and Margaret Williams
Robert and Carol Williams
Kaiser and Marilyn Yang
Toros and Taline Yetenekian
Edmond and Becky L. Yew
David Yost