The Endowment Fund

Our mission

The Endowment Fund of the La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation is committed to enhancing the educational standards and reputation of the La Cañada Unified School District, one of the country’s most highly regarded school districts. Annual gifts from the Foundation to LCUSD provide the means to achieve this. The Endowment Fund’s mission is, in perpetuity, to increase and stabilize the long-term growth of gifts to LCUSD.

The Foundation’s Endowment Fund is a cornerstone of the Foundation’s funding strategy. Over time, the Endowment has grown to a substantial size and has provided contributions to the Foundation’s annual Campaign.

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Our performance

Through ongoing generous contributions (click here to see a list of Endowment donors) and prudent management, the Endowment Fund’s assets have grown to over $6.8 million.

Net Assest 2017Our Approach

The Endowment Fund is the safety net for our schools in times of financial contraction. During the U.S. fiscal crisis of 2008/09, annual gifts from individuals to the Educational Foundation dropped off at the same time that the bottom fell out of public school funding from the State of California. In response, the Endowment Fund gifted the MAXIMUM allowed by its bylaws and even revised its bylaws in order to make a gift at all given the drop in value of the Endowment’s own assets. And while public funding for education in California is never great (especially for more affluent school districts like La Cañada), in times of lesser crisis the Endowment fund may not make the maximum allowable gift in favor of growing the Endowment’s assets — but rather, growing and planning for the next inevitable “rainy day”.

Our Management

Although the endowment funds are managed by an experienced third party—the California Community Foundation—a group of independent Trustees are ultimately responsible for overseeing the Endowment. Each of the Trustees serves a designated term, and new Trustees are selected as required. The Endowment by-laws require at least two Trustees to have legal, investment management or financial advisory experience.

Current Trustees are Valerie Aenlle-Rocha, Bob Cooper,  Chris Davis,  Craig Mazin, Stephanie Fossan, John Petersen, and Chad Heath

How You Can Help

Please consider a generous gift to the Endowment Fund. Your gift will make a lasting difference. It’s an investment in the future of both our schools and our community. If you donate online, you can easily choose how to divide your gift between both the Annual Fund and the Endowment, or even donate the entire amount to the Endowment.

For additional information on the Endowment Fund and ways to participate, please contact us at endowment@lcfef.org.