The La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation is committed to responsible fundraising, prudent stewardship and financial transparency.

The following breakdown summarizes the Foundation’s income and expenses.

Financial Performance:
Fiscal Year 2013-14


2013-14 Revenue



2013-14 Expenses


Total Donation To Our Schools


Gift to the LCUSD/Affiliate Orgs.


Event Proceeds (Gala, Jog-A-Thon)


Endowment Contribution


Fundraising/Program Expenses
Misc. Income


Event Expenses


Summer School Tuition


Harrington Teacher Awards


Summer School Expenses


Operating Expenses
Salaries, Payroll Taxes, Insurance


General Overhead (accounting, credit card fees, etc.)


In-Kind (Office Space) Offset


 Endowment Gift to Annual Fund $200,000








Understanding Our Expenses

The summary above is designed to give you an accurate snapshot of how much money the Foundation takes in and disburses. Additionally, if you examine our audited financials statements, per IRS requirements, you will see that we account for all “in kind” donations as income we receive and then as expenses we disburse. What does this mean? If someone donates a gift basket worth $500 to the Gala Auction, and a patron at the Auction buys it, we are required by the federal government to show income of $500 and an expense of $500. Of course, there is no actual expense in this case. In fact, we collect the proceeds, which are then passed along to the District as part of our annual gift.

Similarly, our office space, which is donated by the School District and costs the Foundation nothing, is reported as both income and an expense.

Fundraising and Event Expenses – 2013-14

Major fundraising events always require expenses. The Foundation strives to keep the costs of the events as low as possible, without negatively impacting the amount of money we raise. Annual Gala costs, for instance, have been dramatically reduced over the last few years in attempt to maximize its net value. It is also important to note that some of our fundraising costs do not translate directly to benefits for the Annual Fund, but instead accrue funds for the Endowment (e.g. our Wine And Gourmet Food event).

The following table summarizes the gross revenue, cash expenses and net revenue of the Foundation’s two largest events: the Annual Gala and Jog/Dance-A-Thon.  Both events have very good net-to-gross ratios for non-profit fundraising.

Gala Gross Revenue $656,935 Jog/Dance-A-Thon Gross Revenue $172,246
Gala Cash Expenses $187,500 Jog/Dance-A-Thon Cash Expenses $25,216
————  – ————
Gala Net Revenue $469,435 Jog-A-Thon Net Revenue $147,030



Summer School – 2014

The LCFEF provides an accredited high school summer school program. The LCFEF Summer School’s mission is to run the program as a service to the community, without a profit motive. As you can see from the table below, after applying all of the summer school costs (adminstrative, salary, etc.) against the total tuition brought in, the summer school program actually earns a small net benefit for the Foundation, which is gifted to the LCUSD as part of the community donation to our schools.  It should also be noted that since the Foundation’s fiscal year-end is June 30th, our Summer School program straddles two fiscal years, so the official financial statements do not reflect income/expense of one complete summer of programming.  Below however is a financial snapshot of last year’s program.

Summer School Gross Revenue     $225,559
Summer School Cash Expenses $211,809
Summer School Net Revenue $13,750


Salaries and Development

The Foundation employs two staff people to run the day-to-day activities of the organization, manage and process the data and funds we collect, help set our yearly budget, aid the directors in the planning and execution of our fundraising events, and help discover and develop new sources of funding for our schools.

Our Executive Director, Deborah Weirick, has over twenty years of non-profit fundraising experience, and divides her time between fundraising, communications, event management, board relations, database and donor data analysis and fiscal supervision and tax code compliance. She also works to engage parents, community members and local businesses in the mission of the Foundation.

Our Director of Administration, Anush Sumian maintains all donor records and processes all contributions and receipts.

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we have broken out our entire salary costs, including all payroll taxes, fees and worker’s compensation insurance. Our staff costs are well in line with comparable educational foundations, or lower. Many foundations with seemingly lower staff costs are actually employing a number of staff who are paid directly by their local school district.

As is the case with fundraising costs, some of our salary costs go to support work that benefits the Endowment.

General Overhead

These costs include accounting and auditing fees, credit card fees, office supplies, postage and delivery, printing and copying, storage, and other general expenses necessary to run the organization. Our staff works very hard to keep these expenses to a minimum. We are ever-mindful that every dollar we spend is a dollar we cannot pass along to our schools and our community. Our ratio of expenses to money gifted is well within norms for educational foundations, and better still, it has been improving.


Thank you for your interest in our financial information. We appreciate your trust in us, and we are always seeking to improve our transparency and accountability to the community we serve. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email our Executive Director.