2016-17 Donors – THANK YOU!

On behalf of the children attending schools in the La Cañada Unified School District, the La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation would like to thank everyone who contributed to its 2016-17 Annual Campaign and Endowment Fund. Your generous donations have enabled the LCUSD to continue to provide critical positions and programs for the 2017-18 school year.

We have made every attempt to accurately report donations, but mistakes happen. If we have made an error, we sincerely apologize and ask that you please contact the Foundation office at (818) 952-4268 so that we may correct our records. Thank you for your understanding.

Gifts listed below represent gifts to the Annual as well as Endowment fund and also represent cash as well as in-kind gifts.  

Director’s Circle $25,000 and greater

Joel and Wendy Bennett
Gordon and Dona Crawford
Chad and Alison Heath
Andrew and Nicole Johnsen
Kevin and Carrie Martin
Craig and Melissa Mazin
Matthew and Justine Plocher
Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Fairmount Enterprises, LP
Gertrude Josephine Bennett Family Foundation
LCFEF Endowment Fund
The Walt Disney Company Matching

Superintendent’s Circle $15,000 to $24,999

Gregory and Dede Cook
Greg Frame and Gillan Abercrombie Frame
Eric and Shelby Grey
James and Susanne Kaufman
DeWayne and Mary McMullin
Peter and Kelly McWilliams
Chris and Michelle Morgan
Konstantin and Shilpa Penanen
Wendy Warren

Principal’s Circle $10,000 to $14,999

Thomas and Laura Buchanan
Ray Chang and Bettina Wen
David Choi and Eun Sook Lee
Josh Epstein and Elizabeth Johnson
Timothy and Shannon Griffin
Craig and Michelle Gropper
David and Melissa Hotchkin
Tracy Jeandron and Dr. Debra Jeandron
Jason and Billie Melillo
John and Gina Ricci
The Shupper Family Foundation
Harpal and Gita Singh
Scott and Mary Tracy
Kevin and Sandy Tsujihara
Robert and Susan Van Valer
Brent and Deborah Weirick
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Woolls
Michael and Tammi Wright
Northwestern Mutual Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Pasadena Showcase House of Design
Tama Trading
USC Verdugo Hills Hospital
VER – Video Equipment Rentals

Teacher’s Circle $7,500 to $9,999

Marcotte and Caroline Anderson
Arthur and Anita Aslanian
Tony and Ruba Chahine
Chris and Kelly Davis
Stephen and Elysa DelGuercio
Mark and Lisa Goldstein
Jack Huang and Karen Tanji Huang
Andrew and Samar Phillips
Ms. Nancy Que
Entertainment Partners
La Cañada Eye Care Optometry
Union Bank of California
Wells Fargo Foundation

Scholar’s List $5,000 to $7,499

Barbara Abercrombie
Hovik and Adrineh Abnoosi
Todd Andrews and Alison McQuay
Robert and Heather Artura
Ryan and Jacki Asplund
Jack and Patricia Beauchamp
Rick Berard and Caroline Racho
Holger and Elizabeth Besch
Larry and Elizabeth Brown
Joseph and Gloria Cannon
Sean and Tracy Carney
Paul and Kelly Chamberlain
Simon Cheng and Arlene Fader
John and Karen Clark
Joshua and Paris Cohen
Chad and Christina Conwell
Robert and Julia Cooper
Chris and Alexandra deFaria
Jay and Lisa Dick
Doug and Ann Drummond
Kevin and Heather Ehrhart
Matthew and Anna Frost
Rob and Annette Fuelling
Vicken and Susie Haleblian
Jeff and Betsy Hall
Rick and Heather Husong
Dan and Andrea Jeffries
John and Amy Kelly
Kevin and Leslie Kevorkian
Daniel and Daniela Kim
Eduardo and Hyung Kim
Welby and Lucy Lai
Doug and Jennifer LeBlanc
Ju Chon and Eunjoo Lee
Andrew Lichucki and Diana Rodriguez
Brett and Lanie Lindenfeld
Steve and Sarah Lowe
Chris Lowery and Paulette Osorio
Bob and Janice McGlashan
Janice McGlashan, Coldwell Banker
Jeremy and Julie Milbrodt
Julie Milbrodt,Keller Williams
Frank and Truc Moore
Edward and Kirsten Newquist
Rob and Paige Olson
Jeffrey and Karmen Parks
David and Kalana Penner
Leonid and Eileen Perez
Michael Phillips
Joe and Tina Radabaugh
James and Tammy Scanlan
Mike and Jennifer Schloessmann
Wesley Schmitigal and Kendra Short
Bradley and Victoria Schwartz
Peter and Linda Segal
Alexander and Laura Seropian
Christopher and Elizabeth Silber
Mitchell and Janet Spitz
Sung Yup Suh and Yun Joo Yoo
Gaurav and Kalyani Sukhatme
Mr. and Mrs. Zhi Zhao Sun
Ban and Maria Tieu
Jonathan and Virginia Tolkin
Charles and Jennifer Tran
Gary and Yuan Gao Wang
Tony and Cindy Wang
Eric and Jill Weinlein
Brent and Tara Woodford
Charles and Tammie Woodhouse
Jamen and Teseena Wurm
Michael and Sunny Yang
Brandon and Ellie Yoon
Coldwell Banker La Canada
Dilbeck Realtors
Ellie Yoon, Partners Trust
Google, Inc.
Jacki Tenerelli Asplund, Partners Trust Real Estate
La Cañada Flintridge Town Center
NASA Services Inc.
Outlook Newspapers
Robert A. Day Foundation
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group

Honor Roll $3,500 to $4,999

Armond and Laura Abramian
Ron and Julie Bae
Bruce Bagheri and Fariba Firozeh
Scott and Jennifer Beltz
Luis and Lori Blanco
Steven and Emily Broberg
Charles Calix and Susan Kim
Carlos and Flory Carballo
Darkin and Alice Chan
Jill Chapman
James Chapman
Peter and Melinda Chen
Phillip and Hee Jung Chun
Christopher and Christina Clarkson
Tim and Michelle Colbert
Joseph and Melissa Corrente
Craig and Sarah Drobis
Michael Duvall and Stephanie Duchene
Ali and Sunyoung Fahimi
Joseph and Jennifer Ferry
Shane and Farrell Foley
Brien and Cameron Fox
Steven and Jennifer Fox
Ryan George and Asma Saraj
Bob Goldberg and Michele Evans
Stephen and Allyson Goldsby
Lee and Hilary Gregg
Mike and Jaime Hefner
Douglas and Alicia Herman
Willan Johnson and Lakshmi Dastur
Gregory and Michie Jones
Jack and Kelly Joy
Bill and Rana Kantar
Keith and Stacy Kinsel
Trevor and Cathy Kleineahlbrandt
Rami Kouz and Hermineh Tahmassian
Joseph and Aleen L. Langton
Bin Li and Lina Ye
Grace Llannes
Chad Lue and Sharon Park
Thomas and Angela Marchetti
Amir Martin and Leslie Chang
David and Jennifer Miller
James and Tracey Nelson
Dr. Joseph Park and Keejoo Park
Prasad and Sun Parmeshwaran
John and Shannon Petersen
Bardo Ramirez and Mary Walsh
Jason and Brandy Reese
Matthew and Jennifer Rocca
Kai Ryssdal and Stephanie Fossan
Dinesh and Sara Sadhwani
Eddie Saenz and Jennifer Ringo
Jack and Elaine Sample
Ken and Stacey Smersfelt
Keith and Tracy Tobias
Scott and Cheryl Trowbridge
Paul and Andrea Vacheron
Ron and Lydia Valenta
Peter and Lydia Wardle
Matthew and Stephanie Weber
Christopher and Kim Yee
Pasha and Jennifer Zargarof
Bank of America – Matching
Gillan Abercrombie Frame, Partners Trust
LCHS Music Parents Association
Mathnasium of La Canada
The Americana at Brand
The Time Machine

Platinum Partners $2,500 to $3,499

Serj and Jamie Abrahamian
Fernando and Valerie Aenlle-Rocha
Charles and Sandy Ahn
Byron Albano and Ming Luong7
Craig and Shannon Alexander
Ramsey Amin and Tara Hopeck
Christy An
Glenn and Sharon Anderson
Mark and Charlotte Anten
Steve Applebaum and Chien Fang
Nitin Apte and Srivalli Sastry-Kuppa
George Arcaris
Samir and Kelly Armaly
Roy and Mary Ashford
Charles and Ann Austen
Dave and Sue Auther
Alain and Jill Avakian
Vacheh and Stephanie Avanessian
Erik Avaniss-Aghajari and Lara Hartoonian
Edward and Carmen Azari
Howard and Rhoda Backer
Austin Blaine Baggett
Brian and Joanna Banks
Royal and Jennifer Barber
Ed and Frances Barlow
Christopher and Vanetta Barton
Christopher Basset and Kari Lewis
David and Tenne Bearden
Jeffrey and Rosemary Bender
Jeff and Stacey Berner
Ramon and Montserrat Bertran
Cesar Bertran-Saura and Daniela Bratz
Andrew and Meredith Beyer
Michael and Leslie Bicay
Robert and Angela Blair
Paul and Mary Blencowe
John and Alison Bley
Brandon and Christina Bond
Andre Bonyadian
Antonio and Susana Borras Alomar
Dr. Michael Bowdish and Margarita Lam
Kevin and Amy Bowman
Greg and Joan Brandeau
Peter and Holly Breckheimer
James and Maureen Bright
Paul and Kiet Brugarolas
Joel Burdick
Kevin and Laura Burke
Michael and Diana Burnstine
Steve and Barb Cabello
Jose and Rocio Calderoni
Richard and Denise Callister
Keith and Carmen Camoosa
Bryce and Stacy Canfield
Jeff and Allison Carmack
Adam and Lynette Carolla
Andres and Rebecca Castano
Anthony Cha
Dan and Michelle Chandler
Eric and Cheryl Chang
Christopher and Karen Charbonnet
Pin and Trina Chen
Ryan and Minwen (Cynthia) Chen
Dharshi and Liviu Chindris
Jonathan and Hannah Cho
James and Euodia Choi
Scott and Alice Choi
Byung Kon and Inae Choi
Christopher and Christine Chorba
Jeffrey and Kristy Christensen
Janey Chu
Curtis and Christine Collins
Sean Commons and Jennifer Nakata
Joaquin Cornejo and Christy Davis
Andrew and Katie Cornell
Case Cortese
Dr. and Mrs. Denis Cortese
Vincent and Tanice Corti
Greg and Kristin Creighton
Jesse and Sommer Cripps
Tom and Jeannine D’Addario
Brian and Julie Daniels
Daniel and April Davila
Max and Carmela de Brouwer
David and Gloria DeCoste
Timothy and Rebecca DePriest
Andrew and Elisabeth Dick
Sean Dillon and Stephanie Kingsnorth
Gregory and Heidi Dobbs
The Dotts Family Trust
Mark and Robin Driscoll
Kevin Du and Vivian Li
Andy and Sheila Dunbar
Martin and Carolyn Eberhard
Stephen and Kimberly Eggleston
Nick and Julie Eleftheriou
Eric and Melissa Fan
Andrei Faraon and Viviana Gradinaru
Vince and Diane Fazzi
Daniel and Katherine Feng
Frederick and Yanghong Finnigan
Dana and Rose Fox
Christian Frankenberg and Sunita Sanghavi
Benjamin Fraund and Melissa Yee
Emmanuel and Katherine Frenehard
Jarrett Fugh
Andrew Garcia and Monica Chi
Charles Garner and Christina Emanuel
Chuck and Becky Gelhaar
Jack Ghiragosian and Julie Oushana
Eric and Elise Gilbert
John and Karen Gilmour
David and Kimberly Gonzalez
Phillip and Jennifer Gordon
Tom and Tania Grafos
James and Susan Gray
Douglas and Kellie Greenblatt
Bill Greene
Mandeepak Grewal and Ravinder Johl
Derek and Sharon Grey
Matt and Erica Gross
Michael and Lynley Gross
Natascha and Jan Gundersen
Nigel and Archana Gupta
Douglas and Shelley Halley
Walter and Michelle Hamada
David and May Han
Howard and Michelle Han
George and Dezireh Hanna
Stephen and Priya Harder
David and Lisa Harp
Shannon and Leigh Harris
Robert and Pearl Haw
Chao and Mei He
Brian Heimann
Jerry and Lisa Henderson
Drs. Martin and Jin Heur
Donald and Shirley Hingst
Gregory Hiscott and GariLynn Billingsley
Brandon and Vanessa Ho
Darren Hodgins and Sarah Anh
Andrew and Diana Hong
David and Iris Hong
Royce Hudson and Linda Samia
Sean Hunt and Grace Fu
Michael and Ju Hwang
Sejong and Yoonjung Im
Steven and Sara Ingrassia
Mike Ip and Elizabeth McLaughlin
Kyle and Karen Iseri
Cameron and Abby Izadi
Danny Joe and Claudia Dietrich-Joe
Tim Johnson and Jean Cunningham
Andrew and Aimee Johnson
Jim and Jeewon Kang
Nick and Stuart Karapetian-McKinney
Michael and Shannon Karlich
Sid and Diane Karsh
Mark and Kristin Kassabian
Mohamed and Abeer Kayali
Ben and Cristina Kelly
Ben Kelly – Partners Trust Real Estate
Azeemuddin Khaja and Zahra Farooqui
Steve and Lisa Kiang
James and Hana Kim
Joon and Carolyn Kim
Charles and Hyunju Kim
David and Lauriann Kim
Peter and Jin Kyung Kim
Je Young and Susan Kim
Aejung and Shin Kim
Michael and Julie Kim
Jangho Kim and Eunjeong Jeon
S. Don and Robin Kim
Jin Kim
Will and Lorna Kim
Gary Kim and Katie Bae
Paul and Leah Kirste
John and Kimberly Klapmust
Philip and Andrea Klemmer
Andrew and Joy Koenig
Antranik and Nyree Kolanjian
Michael and Linda Koss
Zareh and Natalie Kouyoumdjian
David and Jennifer Krinsky
Jeffrey and Jean Kronson
Gerhard and Angelica Kruizinga
Michael and Lily Kurumada
Brent and Marion Kuszyk
Mark LaBarge and Jenny Wang
Mike Lai and Sonia Sit-Lai
Erik and Elizabeth Landswick
Niels and Maria Larsen
Erik and Erica Larsen
Peter and Teri Lauenstein
David Lazier
James and Angie Lee
Jay and Hye Jung Lee
Chungsok and Sunjin Lee
James and Brenda Lee
Kenneth Lee and Catherine Han
Edward and Jenny Lee
Lance and Young Lee
Robert and Grace Lee
Phillippe and Alison Lefebvre
Oi Ming Leung
Daniel and Karen Levin
Bradley and Christine Lew
Greg and Heather Lhotka
Dong Liang and Liya Xu
Kevin and Leah Lin
Dr. John Lindal and Dr. Jiming Lindal
Paul and Jennifer Ling
Artyom and Maria Linnik
Mr. and Mrs. Chia Chen Liu
Jacob Lohr
Louie Family
Philip and Verna Luu
Albert and Vera Ma
Soren Madsen and Cecilie Boysen
Daniel and Felina Mahoney
Mark Maimone and Mei King Cheung
Amarpreet and Bhupinder Malik
Michael and Cynthia Malone
James and Yuliya Marchetti
Phil and Katherine Markgraf
Manuel Martinez and Anusha Dahanayake
George and Hope Mastras
Christopher and Christi Matarese
William May and Grace Aldrovandi
Chris and Joyce Mayne
Shawn and Sarah McCann
Brett and Katie McClure
Erin Mccullaugh and
Jeremy and Christine McDowell
Michael McHenry and Erendira Torres Martin
Gary and Armine Mekikian
Frank and Jennifer Mester
Jerome Metivier and Julie Sonigo
David Mihal and Linda Steffen
Christopher and Beth Milton
Mica Miyamoto and Julie Shibasaki
Gregory and Alison Molinelli
Leonard and Stephanie Moon
Michael and Saida Moore
Jim and Cary Moore
Alberto Morales and Lola Lo
Clint and Jean Moran
Blaine and Deborah Morikawa
Ronald and Sally Morillo
Xiaodong Bu and Ms. Yuan Mu
Bryan Mu and Lauren Hwang
Alfred and Ellen Multari
Dr. and Mrs. Mario Munich
Ganesh and Ranjini Munoor
Enrique and Maria Munoz
Omar and Nilam Nalamwar
Sok and Soo Lee Nam
Hamid Namazie and Terry Luu-Namazie
Mark and Michelle Nelson
Xichdao and Trang Nguyen
James and Brooke Niemiec
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Norris
Jason and Gayle Northrop
Chris and Katie Norton
John and Amy Odell
John O’Doherty and Jennifer Newton
Richard Oh and Pia Hahn
Mitchio Okumura and Laurie Kovalenko
Peter and Lisa Oliverez
Erik and Liza Olsen
Ruel and Lorelei Ordoyo
Charles and Nelly Otieno
Benjamin and Sarah Paik
Marcelo Pak and Chung Mee Pak
Ted and Julie Pao
Jason Pardo and Marion Oberle
Ben and Rebekah Park
Eugene Park and Jeehyun Kim
Keyur and Sunita Patel
Richard and Judith Pejsa
Jose and Karyn Perez
John and Elizabeth Perry
Zachary and Tiffany Petroc
Christopher and Melody Petrossian
Scott and Lisa Phelan
Frank and Tanneke Picha
Timothy and Erika Pieper
William and Jerri Pih
George and Nicole Pitsos
Anthony and Ellen Portantino
Dr. Hendrik Postma and Mona Postma
John and Michelle Powers
Michael and Andrea Price
Matthew and Janine Purdy
Frank and Shona Quinn
Doug and Amy Ramsey
Timothy and Joan Raney
Shanti Rao and Martha Kirovac
Rahul and Smitha Ravipudi
Sid Karsh Real Estate
Barry and Lisa Reed
Cesar and Jennifer Reinoso
Matthew and Elizabeth Renshaw
Todd and Shauna Reynolds
Jason and Su Jung Rhee
Ryan and Nina Ries
Craig Ring and Jane Hartwell
Reginald and Julie Rivas
Tyler and Alicia Roberts
Michael and Celia Rothman
Mark Rutkowski and Lorna Blanco
Nishantha and Nirosha Ruwan
Timothy and Michelle Sabourin
Mr. and Mrs. Marcelo Sada
Ken and Sandi Saeger
David and McNally Sagal
Douglas and Kathleen Salter
Mark Salzman and Jessica Yu
Mark and Nancy Samuels
Mark and Sheridan Sanders
Gordon and Gail Sanders
Arsen and Gilda Sarkisian
Nick and Kamila Sarkisian
William and Charmain Sauro
William and Sandra Sauro
Jason and Heather Scherbert
Diana Schulz
Mike and Liz Schwalbach
Randall and Carol Scoville
Louis and Vanessa Sever
Michael and Bella Shaar
Gary and Emily Shanas
Aalok and Nicole Sharma
Samantha Sharman
Tim and Shawn Sheffield
Andrea Shin
Jonathan Shing and Melisa Lee
Robert and Kimberly Sibbrel
Charles and Wendy Siegler
Prasanna and Sumudu Silva
Mark and Marcela Sirof
Andrew Skarupa
Joo Sung Son and Ji Eun Lee
Bentley and Michelle Soo Hoo
Sugi and Sonia Sorensen
Timothy and Rachel Stanley
Michael and Christy Stephen
Jeffrey Stilson and Johanne Oakley
Christopher and Sarina Stogel
George and Annsley Strong
John and Angeline Su
Jimmy and Christy Suh
Timothy Sullivan
Zhiqiu Sun and Guixiang Yin
Wei Gung and Nien-Tung Sun
Alex Sverdlik and Naomi Schechter
Nick and Ana Tackes
Jeffrey and Valerie Talbert
Jonathan Tam
Chetan Tandon and Rakhi Sahu
Stephen and Nadine Tapp
Avetis Tashyan and Armine Arzoumanian
Mehul and Shital Taylor
Bryan and Courtney Thomas
Fraser Thomson and Katherine Barr
Don and Chu Thornburgh
Powell and Karen Thurston
Charles and Octavia Thuss
Jeff and Courtney Toland
Eric and Sandi Trimble
Duong Trinh and Kris Lum
Erik and Jennifer Trubey
Jimmy Tsai and Rosana Chen
Vassilis and Helga Tsotras
Michael and Serena Tu
Robert and Julie Turner
Mark and Michelle Urata
Gene Urcan and Holly Biondo
Koichi Uyemura and Linda Wong
Erik and Mariana Valderhaug
Courtney Vance and Angela Bassett
David and Jill VanSlooten
Nicholas and Maria Vasiliou
Rodney and Emily Vencatachellum
Ravi and Louisa Verma
John and Dori Waldron
Jeremy and Monica Warner
Colin and Mikki Weightman
Brad and Clarissa Weirick
Jonathan and Anais Wenn
Tom and Jacqueline White
Brent and Elizabeth Whitfield
Greg and Amy Wilson
Vanesa Wittenberg
John and Nancy Wolhaupter
Todd and Jennifer Wolpert
Michael Wong and Mariana Kang
Dennis and Angela Woo
Tony and Priscilla Woo
Nathanial Wood and Julie Townsend
David and Laura Wood
Brad and Emily Woods
Lodge and Whitney Worster
Alexander and Karnis Wu
Peter and Ramona Xaypraseuth
Dr. Shahan and Mrs. Nellie Yacoubian
Kaiser and Marilyn Yang
Omar and Melissa Yassin
Scott and Jennifer Yoshida
Saeid and Nazanin Youssefizad
Richard and Jenny Yu
M Huaqiang and M Yonghong Yuan
David and Alice Yun
Abbott Laboratories Fund
Benevity Community Impact Fund Grant
JP Cohen, LLC
Langton Mediation
Medtronic Foundation Matching Gifts to Education Program
Nana Fund
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Reid Construction & Development, Inc.
Republic Services, Inc. / Allied Waste
Riteway Charity Services
Rowley Portraiture
Steven Ingrassia Agency, Inc.
Terzian Law Partners, APC
Western Asset Management Co.

Benefactors $1,500 to $2,499

Dr. Mark Adler and Diana St. James
David and Paula Agnew
Aram Ahn and Chong Sok Kim
Jason and Nara Ahn
John and Doreen Aitelli
Richard and Barbara Andrews
Patrick and Liezle Arevalo
Elizabeth Argue
Ara and Karine Aslanian
Ron and Fabiana Badie
Chris K. Baek and Min J. Park
Keith and Monique Bonnici
Jeffrey Booth and Francesca Del Gobbo
Stephan and Jenny Boulanger
Karen and Dana Brandt
Kevin and Maya Brennan
Anne Broberg
Wesley and Elizabeth Brown
Bach Bui and Quynh Giao
Daniel Cervantez and Christine Lee
Sebu and Maral Chatoyan
William Chen and Cathy Chang
Subbaiah and Sonia Cherumandanda
Leonard and Young Cho
Wayne and Soo Kim Choi
Amit and Sophie Chopra
Jonathan and Carrie Cook
Steve and Paula Cook
Richard and Bonnie Cook
Sean Crowell and Paige Heaphy
Brian Cruickshank and Poornima Rao
Giuseppe and Roxana Cugno
Erik and Hilary Dancsecs
Shaival Dave and Karen Au
Drs. Gary and Sara Dennis
Matt and Olga Easley
Damon Eastman and Margarita Blandon
Gary and Miriam Ellis
Bret and Hilary Fausett
Douglas and Rachel Fearing
Ken Ferguson and Lori Nielsen
Melvin Flores and Amalia Sirolli
Brett and Amber Franklin
Patrick Gildea and Ann Hong
Bradford and Natasha Gloger
William and Nancy Goldyn
Henry and Terry Gordon
James and Ahee Han
Trevor and Linda Harris
Tuan and Ellis Hoang
Nancy Hong
Zhihua Hu
Carl and Mia Husfeld
Guy and Karineh Injayan
Zach and Charysse Jennings
Rune and Suzanne Jensen
Frank Jiang and Liang Wei
Ed C. Kalnins
Dohwa Kim and Keith Breeden
Woon Sik and Yoo-Mi Kim
Adam and Kate Kline
Natesh and Archana Kodancha
Richard and Esther Kornfeld
Joseph and Michelle Kwan
Dan and Patricia La
Oliver Lay and Rachel Akeson
John and Ashley Lee
Hyeong Jae Lee and Mina Yoo
Sang and Crystal Lee
Jason and Meiling Li
Ronglin Liou and Joyce Chen
Steve and Julie Luk
Scott MacDonell and Megan Oberle
Robert and Grace Mase
Brian and Lourdes Matthews
Joseph Mealey and Deborah Pitts
Matthew and Sara Michelson
John Mieding
Masashi Mizukami and Connie Chan
Colin and Marie Moore
William and Sarah Nagel
Gregory and Erin Nassir
Hyun Keun Oh
Hana Oshima
Wayne and Courtney Page
Peter and Janice Paik
Min Seuk and Stacy Park
Christopher and Su Potts
Dr. Gary Radner and Katie Metz
Rick and Danielle Remender
Paul Rhee and Sue Park-Rhee
Dean and Cynthia Rocco
Brian and Kathleen Roehmholdt
Darren and Justine Roth
Paul and Cynthia Roye
Todd and Teresa Rushing
Amandeep Salhotra and Shivani Soni
Srinath and Renu Samudrala
Jagmit and Pammi Sandhu
Andrew and Jean Scharlotta
Andrew and Eryn Paige Seltzer
Dan and Stephanie Sernett
Robert and Jennifer Shupper
Sanford Slater and Katherine Wolking
Robert Smith and Joanne Smith
Mike and Leigh Smyth
David and Jeanette Solarte
Rene and Patricia Sotelo
Marc and Kathy St. Hippolyte
John and Lori Strauss
Hwan and Michelle Suk
Tien Truong and Belinda Dong
Aloyisus and Irene Tsang
Chip and Kate Walters
Richard Weiss and Sarah Salamon
Rex Wong and Diana Jou
Yiping and Alice Wu
Wei Yu and Siyuan Zhou
Chengxing and Hui Zhai
Aegon TransAmerica Foundation
Behr Construction Co.
Boeing Gift Matching Program
Master’s Taekwondo Club Montrose
Merck Gives Back
MGM Resorts International
State Farm Companies Foundation
UBS Foundation USA

Champions $1,000 to $1,499

Jeff and Melissa Abercrombie
Agvan and Armine Abramian
David Allen and Heather Cochran
Wayneinder and Susan Anand
Nazan Armenian
Hayk Arutyunyan and Varduhi Avagyan
Mircea and Carmen Badescu
Behnam and Rosa Badie
Edvin Baghdasarians and Rashel Der Hovanisean
Raymond and Nicole Baker
Jordana Balcksberg
P. James and Nancy Barthe
James and Kendra Baxter
Bruce and Lori Beagle
Jeff and Deborah Bell
Alexander and Maricelly Benderskii
Tad Benson and Lisa Scott-Benson
Matthew and Timary Bonaccorso
Greg Boreham and Nancy Fairchild
Somjot and Ravinder Brar
Neal and Molly Brockmeyer
Greg and Karley Busta
Kim and Virginia Caldwell
Kevin and Susan Callahan
Kalind Carpenter and Lucy Berumen-Carpenter
Jim Carr and Elaine Chu
Justin and Joyce Chae
Steve and Amy Chang
Albert and Farah Chang
Andrew and Joyce Chang
Yong Chen and Annie Wu
Adrian Cho and Hyon A. Um
Hey J. Choi and Hyo Jung Yun
Jonathan Choi
Clay Christensen and Heidi Hamilton
Benedict and Susan Chun
Kevin and Lucile Chun
Peter and Eunice Chung
Paul Chung and Frances Dong
Robert Chung and Yuju Yeo
Josh and Sabina Clorfeine
Mark Coffey and Rebecca Hunter
Craig and Mo Yee Cornwell
Mark Cowdin and Roberta McKean
Stephen and Wendy Crump
Kevin and Erin Cuxil
Tom and Diane Cwik
Bryant and Judith Danner
Jack and Barbara Dawson
John and Kelli Day
Adam and Amalia De Lurgio
Francisco De Vivo and Araminta Osorio
Arturo Del Castillo and Ruth Monarrez
Lalin and Heather Desoyza
Nitin and Sapna Dhariwal
Raj and Aman Dhillon
Scott Dien and Rebecca Dupont
Kirk and Leah Dilbeck
Kevin and Julia Dixon
Brent Edwards and Yanick Henry-Edwards
Jason and Christa Evans
Joseph and Christine Evelyn
Jan Paul Favero and Anne Marston
Antonette Feldman
William and Claudia Ferguson
Greg Fisher and\ Hilary Potashner
Leo and Bonnie Flynn
Craig and Heidi Fong
Jason and Lynnette Fujimoto
Danny and Debbie Fung
Neil and Melissa Gabriel
Hillary Garland
Jay and Charissa Gilmore
Harold and Maylene Glidewell
Carrie Boreham Grochow, Dilbeck Realtors
Tim and Carrie Grochow
Cliff and Yuan Guan
Jack and Nancy Gunther
Stephen and Claudia Hall
Christiaan Hallman and Marlys Drange
Denny and Heejin Han
David and Joan Hannah
Paul and Cynthia Hardy
Greg and Susan Harlan
Matthew and Sharon Hart
Steven and Sandy Hartford
James and Camilla Hartman
Eric and Samantha Heer
Daniel and Debra Heller
Carl Herrmann III
Tom Higa and Tracy Lee
Ken and Vicki Ho
Jeff and Sarah Hoffner
Scott and Ahn-Luu Hohnbaum
Jong Hwa and Hea Hong
Jay and Karen Hong
Xueheng Hou and Yingtao Qiu
Glenn Houser and Leslie Miller
Stephen and Stacy Hu
Donn and Joanne Huffsmith
John Hughes and Rulin Wang
Chenduen and Shanpin Hwang
Jason and Dorothy Hyon
John and Rebecca Ibsen
Renu Jalota
Dong Jun Jee and\ Alice Kim
Won Jae and Hye Yun Jeong
Geoff and Sherry Johansing
Edward Johnson and Susan Johnson
Darin and Lora Johnstone
Jason and Karina Jones
Andre Joo and Jennie Lee
Edward Jordan and Ruth Pinkel
James and Stephanie Kambe
Erin Kanner
Michael and Silva Karafilis
Rick and Beatriz Kawabata
Shant and Nassim Kazazian
Brian Kenworthy and Joanie Paik
Jae and Karen Kim
Jeff Kim and Connie Lee
Yong Joo and Diane Kim
Kurt Knechtel and Lauren LaVine
Nora and Nora Koskenmaki
Jack and Nancy Kozakar
David and Elizabeth Krider
Jason Kuan and Cecilia Chan
Santhi and Krishna Kumar
Pierre and Amanda Landry
Kevin and Tracy Le
Kyoung Hoon Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lee
Woochul Lee and Kelly Kim
Jeffrey and Judy Lee
Lawrence and Sojin Lee
Steven Lee and Catherine Li
Michael Lin and M Eng Lim
Stan Lindenfeld
Darren and Jessica Loos
Mark and Shannon Loughrin
Steven Low and Jenny Kong
Nicola Lubitsch
David Luo
Jack and Nora MacKenzie
Jack and Mary Manoukian
Gevik Marcarian
Robert Marinovich and Maricela Hurtado
Gino Mattunts
Bryan and Jennifer Maxwell
Chris McGinness and Alexis Walker
Brett and Lynette Miketta
Robert and Gail Miller
Garo and Margo Minissian
David Minning
Nemat A. Momtaz, M.D.
Eric and Sharla Moore
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Dominic and Tiara Nappi
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Justin and Tierney Noblin
Aaron and Raquel Noell
Brent and Wendy Nussbaum
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Dean and Christina Okland
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Chris and Christine Park
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Hyoung and Sherie Park
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Jacek Pinski and Berta Kienle
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Damon and Tricia Riesberg
Nahum and Elizabeth Rios
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Fernando and Linda Roth
Glendon and Kelley Rusch
Eugene Ryu and Heishin Ra
John and Melissa Schiller
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Brian and Brit Shakley
Perry and Pei-Lin Sheng
Max and Lisabeth Shiner
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Kenneth Snyder and Jill Hamagiwa
Donggyun and Kathryn Son
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Nathan and Adrienne Strange
Justin and Michelle Strassburg
David and Tina Suh
Jeffrey and Tina Tamara
Dr. and Mrs. Babak Tashakkor
Daniel and Yvonne Thorman
Jacob and Tamar Tujian
Norman and Charise Untalan
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John and Teri Valentine
Michael and Heather Victor
Woody and Terry Walker
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Allen Wang and Maggie Lang
Ou and Xun Wang
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Jeffrey and Fiona Wertheimer
Eric Winzenried and Caren Saiet
James and Helen Won
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Clement and Angie Yang
Robert and Nancy Yasuda
Dean Yasuda and Amy Young
John and Helen Yoon
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Phil and Liz Young
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Arroyo Law Group
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California Resources Corporation
CodeSpark Academy
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Flint Canyon Tennis Club
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Roy and Jing Butler
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Steve and Barb Cabello
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Greg Cardell and Cathleen Jones
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Christopher and Karen Charbonnet
John and Cecilia Cheng
Simon Cheung and Yuan Xiang
Henry and Wai-Yee Cheung
Matt and Linda Chin
Derek and Lily Chin
Ronald and Teresa Chiu
Brian and Helen Cho
Ken and Jennifer Chong
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Josh and Sabina Clorfeine
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Thomas and Delia Cookman
Brian and Suzann Cooper
Jerry and Debra Cradduck
Daniel and Laura Crichton
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Tom and Diane Cwik
Dustin and Wendi Damico
Jeffrey and Laurie
Kirk and Marjory Dawson
Alex and Amanda Dehaven
Mihir and Rimple Desai
Raj and Aman Dhillon
Nikolay and Jenny Dimov
John and Leslie Dreher
Richard and Clara Eng
Frederick and Julie Engler
Mark Evans
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Lee Fisher and Susan Murakami
Brett and Isabelle Flajole
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Russ and Christie Frandsen
Brian and Nancy Fung
Jerry and Roberta Furrey
Neil and Melissa Gabriel
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Jarrett Gold
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Bruce and Kelly Green
Eileen Greenbaum
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Evelyn Gur
Goran and Gayle Hagegard
Denny and Heejin Han
James and Camilla Hartman
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Wayne and Yvonne Herron
Donald and Jane Hill
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Kathleen Kilaghbian
Jacob and Aznif Kiledjian
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Seungbum and Jiong Kim
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Douglas and Pamela Koerber
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Quintin and Nancy Ng
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Alvaro Ortega
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Henry and Meliissa Castillo
Rudolf and Christina Cataldi
Stuart and Christine Chant
Simon Cheung and Yuan Xiang
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Stephen Chuck and Gabriel Mendham
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Celia Cortez
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Deborah King
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Paul Lang
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Gary and Lorraine Lerner
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Toby and Jamie Lewsadder
Susan Lindenfeld
Arthur and Annette Louie
Luiz and Linnea Lourenco
Peter and Janice Lowe
Arun and Amelia Lyng
Robert and Kathleen Malchione
Stanley and Margaret Manatt
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Saeed and Niloufar Shapourifar
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Mark and Melanie Swain
Drew and Lisa Sweeney
Fortino and Juanita Tarula
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Anthon and Michele Cannon III
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Greg Cardell and Cathleen Jones
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Allis and Jennifer Cha
John and Judy Chalison
Grace Min Chang
Mr. and Mrs. Esteban Chavez
Lin Chen and Xu Zhang
Raymond Cheung and Stella Liu
Keenan and Jeanne Cheung
Dale and Esther Chin
Charles and Sue Cho
Ryan and Dona Choi
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In Soon Chong
Jiho Chong
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Michael Clark and Donna Freed
Patricia Conwell
Curtice and Karen Cornell
Jonathan and Lisa Curtis
Gregory and Emily Curtis
Susan Czachor
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Geoffrey Davis and Rachel Holmes-Davis
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Phillip and Julie Del Rivo
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David Drobis
Ben and Lady Edwards
Roger and Janet Edwards
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Harriet Epstein
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John and Robbie Finnigan
Sandy Willardson
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Jerry and Roberta Furrey
Debbie Gainey
Steve Galletly
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Mark Gibello
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Eileen Goldstein
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Alfred and Stephanie Guzman
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Ronald and Hideko Hamamoto
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Roxana Han
Robert and Susan Hansen
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Tom Jackiewicz
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Dennis and Dorothy Juett
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Gary and Kit Lamont
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Jonathan Ly and Caroline Tran
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Eric Makhanian and Cyndi Gia Ngo
Albert and Nancy Malouf
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Janah and Elizabeth Risha
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Ryan Rowe and Patricia Verducci
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Kidner Scott
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Barbara Seeley-Moreno
Barbara Self
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Joan Shanas
Barry Shanley and Susan Shanley
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Andy and Julie Chen
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Sheng-Wey Chiow
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Yun Sook Choi
SeoungJoon and Sujung Choi
Sue Choi
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Yon Chong
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Adam Chun
Jane Chun
Michelle Chun
Seung and Sun Chung
Jae Chung
David and Stacey Claros
Thomas and Pam Cohan
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Judy Correnti
John Costello
David and Gloria Cotten
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Marty and Maria Dakessian
Mr. D’Amore and Nguyen Ms.
Arsen Danielian
Alfred Danielian
Catherine Davila
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Jodi Dayan
Claudia de Bernier
Frederick C. Decker
Alex and Amanda Dehaven
Donna Delacy
Ralph and Marci DeLuccia
Vartan Derbedrossian
Garo and Marlin Dginguerian
Virginia Dillard
Daniel and Angela Dingle
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Debbie Dragna
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Mary Duchene
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Kelly Garvey
Jason and Mary Ann Geis
Artin and Christina Gevorgian
Kay Ginsberg
Gary and Margaret Gisel
Denise Gonzalez
Hershel and Linda Gordon
Allison Gordon-beecher
Erin Gotterer
Richard Greenblatt
William Greene
John Gregg
Iris Gregg
Ivo and Antje Grosse
Linda Hanhilammi
Roger and Julie Hanna
Marjorie Hanna
Cristina Haro
Maria Haro
Veronica Haro
Mr. and Mrs. Hartman
Paula Hauser
Catherine Hawks
James Hawse
Judith Hays
Dr. Joel Henriod and Lindsay Henriod
Chris Henry
Edward Herrling
Laura Hetzel
Anne Hills
Naomi Hirsch
Stephanie Ho
Brenda Hodgins
Dave and Janice Holmes
Bennett and Sandra Hong
John and Regina Hsu
Jean Huang
Richard Hulett and Leslie Turnipseed
Miu Yan Hung
Benjamin and Veronica Hung
Insu Hwang and Sojung Kim
Linda Ibsen
Patrick and Sankar Iyer
Ravikumar Kotamangalam Iyer
Suk Jang
Chul Jang
LuAnn Jenkins
Alexandra Johnson
Jason and Donna Johnson
Christine Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Janice Johnston
Dennis and Diane Johnston
James and Sue Joo
Rajeev Joshi and Jennifer VanHyning
Eugene and Sooah Joung
Mark and Amy Juhas
Marcus Juniel and Maria Videla
David Kahng and GeeEun Lee
Laura Kalaf
Sevan and Zaza Kalaydjian
Hyeung Seok Kang and Eun Jung Koo
Otto Karg
Gregg and Lindsay Kavet
Jon Kawaharada
Ryan and Stephanie Kelly
Patrick and Ashley Kennedy
Gary and Anne Kepner
Shane Khoh and Therese Tan
Seon Kim and Alexis Yang
Michelle Kim
Su Min Kim and In Ja Lee
Paul Kim and Yeong Me Lee
Damian and Marian Kim
Jin Kim
Jin Young Kim and Yeon Jin Hua
Chul and Cindy Kim
Peter and Carrie Kingston
Krista Kirkland
Jay and Connie Knight
Daniel and Megan Koch
James and Rachel Koelzer
Paul Konzen
Bonjun and Soyeon Koo
Alicia Kreisberg
Jere and Amani Krischel
Hans and Anna Ku
Ara and Arpi Kurdoghlian
Kin Kwan and Alice Yip
David and Marian Lamb
Jeffrey and Anita Landau
Lucia Lang
Julie Lapp
Curtis and Sarah Larson
Gilbert Lau
Jean Lawrence
Danny and Jenny Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Cin-Young Lee
David Lee and Yuri Cho
Do and Seong Lee
Steve and Yoona Lee
Domin Lee and Doyoun Kim
Rita Lee
Raphael Lei
Susan Lerner
Ivan Leung and Shirley Lee
Mark Levy
Martin and Maxine Levy
Mr. Li
Clark Linstone
Rick Loakes and Dale Storz
Francis and Ana Lorenzana
Bob and Natalie Lyman
Keigo and Katsuko Machida
Betty Jane MacInnes
Marjar Magee
Hung Mai
David and Lily Manoukian
Luis Marchen
Bianca Marchese
Patrick Margaret
Harvey and Dolores Marsh
Michael Martin
Bryan Martinez
Paul and Julie Masson
Jan and Vilay Matuska
Matthew McIntyre
Gary McKay
Bruce and Margie Mclaughlin
Nicole McNevin
Susan McVicker
Michael Meis and Leslie Len
Dwight Mellema
Jonathan Merager and Starlyn Hall Merager
Richard Milewski
Rick Milewski
Armen and Aylin Minasian
Ken and Patty Minehan
Diego Mojarro
Jennifer Molebash
Susan Molinelli
James Moore
Matthew Moreno and Ashley Tearston
Deborah Morris
Rima Munroe
Eric Muntz
Chuck and Kathy Murchie
Kevin and Rebecca Murchie
Margaret Murphy
Joe and Priscilla Musso
Kathleen Musso
Craig Myers
Kevin Myers
Arthur and Jenny Na Nakormpanom
Santhosh Nadipuram and Mohan Swati
Mike and Azin Naini
Lane and Maria Nakasone
Glen and Sheila Nam
Marilyn Nave
Jake and Joanna Nelson
Robert Nespor
Catherine Neu
Maxim and Olga Neumann
Denis Ng
Anh Nghiem
Gloria Nguyen
Joshua Nip
Andrew and Audrey Nowaczek
Jeffrey Obarski and Sheryl Sellers
Jack and Diane Ogle
Joon and Mira Oh
Jonathan and Heather O’Hara
Kathy Olivares
Ara and Debbie Ourfalian
Kerith Overstreet
Javier Pacheco and Elena Rochaviveros
Lauren Padawar
Pat Padawer
Carly Padilla
Michael Pajaro
Csaba Pap
John and Colette Park
Joseph and Christine Park
Jun Park
Morgan Park and Jennifer McDowell
Edward Pascua
Apur Patel
Mira Patel
Doris Patterson
Don Paulson
Pino and Ciara Perez
Ajay and Swapna Perumbeti
Joel and Darleen Peterson
Dan and Barbara Peterson
Christopher and Hannah Petrie
Carol Phelan
Rajiv and Jean Philip
Mark and Eleas Phillips
Kaye Pohl
Karen Poloskov
Mikki Popovich
Jenny Poulopoulos
John and Andrea Prato
Kelly Proctor
James and Tammy Przybyla
Allen and Christine Pung
Michael Qiao
Tao Qin and Chang Lian Zhou
Rodolfo and Angelique Quion
Mr. Ramcharan and Anu Kumar
Mary Ramirez
Scott and Gretchen Ramsay
Sarah Raphael
Susan Ray
Gustavo Razo and Cristina Magana
Jan Reck
Ann M. Rey
Ronald and Sally Rider
Juan Rios
Rudianne Roberts
Robin Roberts
Ricardo Rodriquez and Myrna Rivera
Carlos Romer and Beatriz Banchs
Vanessa Rosales
Arlene Rosen
Robin L. Rosin
Mary Roswick
Rosalyn Royal
Todd Royal
Gene Rubinson
Paul Ruggeri
Lizbeth Ruiz
William and Kerry Russell
Gregory and Jaroslava Salman
Albie Salsich and Grace Kung
Christopher and Leticia Salvo
Sagus Sampath
Pat and Georgia Sample
George and Kristine Sanchez
Aaron Sandeen and Marianna Flores
Larry Sandoval
Richard and Elena Saydah
John Scheerer
Teresa Scheerer
Stephan and Shannon Schmidt
John and Margaret Schock
Paul Schulz and Jessica Cushman
Patricia Seidenbaum
Stanley and Jane Seltzer
Mulyadi Sentoso and Keiko Hasegawa
Michael Shaar and Maribel Khoury
Monica Shenefield
Clem and Jen Shin
Kumari Shinde
Patel Shyam
Carol Siefers
Mr. Samir Singh and Mrs. Sumati Krishnan
Naomi Sloan
Shawn Smith and Ann Choe
Miles Smith and Tara Del Basco
Lily Snow
Eva Soots
Diana Speight
Elayne Spengler
Randall and Sarah Stark
Bonnie Stauffer
Kristjian Stone
Bart and Shanna Stratton
Elizabeth Streegan
Robert Strittmatter
John and Jennifer Suh
Dong Sun and Huang Bin
Matt and Theresa Szebelledy
Richard and Patti Talbert
Sean Tanner and Kerry Lambert
Celeste Thompson
Jim and Paula Tomlinson
Joyce Tong
Recaredo and Corazon Torres
Rey and Denise Torres
Richard Treptow
Randall and Margaret Trost
Tammy Tumminello
Michael and Melissa Udell
Apo Valassidis
Michele and Elisa Vallisneri
Martin Velo and Vicky Jose
Hydi Verduzco
Nancy Vokovich
Evan Waddall
Cynthia Wade
Daniel Wagenaar and Jennifer Lankski
John Wake
Kathryn Waldner-Gourash
Matt and Kerri Walsh
Steven Walsh
Fred and Helena Wang
Michael Wang
Alex and Ellen Weber
Colin Weiner
Garret and Shirley Weyand
Bonnie Wheatley
Jeff and Laura Wheeler
Jenny Wienckowski
Vaughn and Karen Williams
Brett and Sachia Willis
Gene and Judith Willis
Manun Wilson
Bart Wilson
Marcella Wong
Wesley Woo and Truc Dang
Brent Woods and Jessica Battain
Michael Wright
Frank Wu
Roberto and Juliana Wu
Paul and Anna Yang
Jennifer Yee
Yusil Yeo
Eric and Elizabeth Yeow
Dong and Jin Yeu
Matthew Yoka
Nicholas and Jeda Yoka
Michael and Kyung-Joo Yoo
Susan Yu
Tina Zarro
Alen Zehnaly
Jimmy and Susan Zhang
Luis and Cindy Zuniga
Alliance Bernstein
Armstrong Garden Centers, Inc.
Big 5 Sporting Goods
Color Me Mine
Copia Winery
Cutlab Hair Studio
Flintridge Dental Group
Fundamental Baseball Camps
Gale’s Restaurant
Goodie Girls
Green Street Restaurant
Hollywood Wax Museum
Huntington Library
In-N-Out Burger
iPic Theater
J&B Corporate, Inc.
Jeanette Uebele Massage Therapist
Jump ‘n Jammin
La Cabanita Restaurant, Inc.
La Canada Books & Toys
La Canada Presbyterian Church
Little Kuts
Los Angeles Lakers, Inc.
Los Gringos Locos
Luna Grill
Mijares Mexican Restaurant
Natural History Museum of LA County
Neon Retro Arcade
North Shore Burgers
Pacific Battleship Center
Penelope’s Café Books & Gallery
Pie ‘N Burger
Pitfire Artisan Pizza
POP Champagne Bar & Restaurant
Purple Twig
Raffi’s Place
Rakuten Loyalty
Revolution Dance Center
Rubio’s Restaurants, Inc.
Santa Anita Park
Spa Pura
Star Café
Taco Deli
The Habit Restaurants, LLC
Tom’s Toys
Uptown Face and Body Care
Wax Bar L.A.