Rose Harrington Educators of the Year Named

LCE 6th-grade teacher, Lisa Fungo and LCHS math teacher, Brian McDermott (not pictured) were named the 2017-18 Rose Harrington Educators of the Year on Wednesday, May 30th.

The Rose Harrington Educator of the Year Award, which comes with a cash prize, was established in 2002 by a bequest made in the estate of local resident Rose Harrington, who herself was an educator.   The bequest is managed by the LCFEF Endowment Fund and this year’s selection was coordinated by a committee appointed by LCFEF Trustees, drawn from a pool of nominations that were made by the public at large.


 LCUSD Superintendent, Wendy Sinnette with award recipients Lisa Fungo, and LCFEF Endowment Fund Trustee, Chad Heath. (Brian McDermott not pictured)

According to Mrs. Harrington’s bequest,  the intent of the award is to recognize educators whose contributions in the classroom often exceed expectations, consuming personal time and energy.



Previous winners include:

2017-18: Justin Eick and Samantha Wright

2015-16: Karen Gilmour and Justin Valassidis                                 

2014-15: Dr. Jeff Brookey and Myrna McCune

2013-14: Laurie Hopkins and Sally Spangler

2012-13: Pam Daniger and Leslie Baldwin

2011-12: Patty Compeau

2010-11: Jan Rappleye

2009-10: Pat Harris

2008-09: Tom Traeger

2007-08: Mary Linda Vendevelde and Kathy Cockerill

2006-07: Marina Chahine

2005-06: Jackie Castro

2004-05: Mary Jane Hufstedler

2003-04: Mary Ruth Dicks