LCFEF Governance

LCFEF is run by a dedicated group of working volunteers in the community: school parents and community members like yourself who commit their time and resources to ensure the quality of our District.

Read about the Responsibilities of Our DirectorsLCFEF Bylaws and, for more information about educational foundations like ours, visit The California Consortium of Education Foundations.

Officers & Executive Committee


Tracey Nelson

Yvonne Lutz

Joyce Mayne

Executive VP:

Ahee Han


Stephanie Weber


Arlene Fader Chang

Executive Committee Members:

Bill Kantar

Board of Directors:

James Camp
Gloria Cannon
Catherine Chang
John Choi
Jeff Depies
Micheal Dziurgot
Arlene Fader, Treasurer
Ahee Han, EVP
Ian Holloway
Natalie Hubbard
Bill Kantar, EC Member
Yoona Lee
John Logan
Yvonne  Lutz, Co-President
Joyce Mayne, Past President
Ian McFarland
Ryan McManus
Jody Menerey
Jennifer Miller
Patrick Monaghan
Kelly Morris
Tracey Nelson, Co-President
Danni Remender
Tyler Roberts
Eugene Robin
Jason Scherbert
Gary Shanas
Scott Sugino
Duong Trinh
Leslie Walling
Kate Walters
Stephanie Weber, Secretary


Marilyn Yang - LCFEF Executive Director

Marilyn Yang

Executive Director
Anush Sumian - LCFEF Director of Administration

Anush Sumian

Director of Administration

Christie Clarkson

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