LCFEF Board Member Responsibilities and Nomination Process

The mission of the La Canada Flintridge Educational Foundation is to raise funds to supplement the annual budget of LCUSD. We do so by organizing fundraising events and other campaigns. We are an active board and we seek motivated members who will work hard and help the Board achieve its fundraising goal. Below is some information as to the director responsibilities, benefits as well as the nomination process. Who we are: LCFEF is a 501c(3) non profit organization. Board is made up of 40-50 parent volunteers of mixed gender, many of whom are working professionals, with demanding daytime responsibilities. We strive for equal representation from all 5 schools (3 elementary, 7/8 and 9-12) as it helps with division of duties and outreach in the community. Most directors are very much involved in the community in various capacities.

Responsibilities and Expectations of Our Directors

  • Commitment of three years, with option to stay on the Board for up to 6 years.
  • Attend monthly board meetings generally held on the second Thursdays of the month at 7:15 pm at LCE’s library
  • Participation on 1-2 committees which will have own meetings based on the event or activity
  • Participate in the Back to School campaign by speaking in front of at least two classes
  • Attendance at LCFEF fundraisers (Gala, Wine, etc…)
  • Sales of event tickets (Gala, Wine, Raffle, etc…)
  • Solicitation of items for Gala auction
  • Volunteer for at least one work shift for Gala
  • Participate in the spring calling fundraising campaign and lawn sign distribution
  • Financial contribution of the minimum asking amount (currently $3000 per family)
LCFEF's board has a responsibility to raise funds to supplement the annual budget of LCUSD
LCUSD science and technology lab made possible due to LCFEF


Aside from helping make a financial impact on our district, there are benefits of being a director. A member of the School Board and the School District will update LCFEF Directors at each general board meeting and provide valuable information not readily available to the public. You will meet many families from other schools who you may not otherwise meet. You will also get to know many prominent community members through organization and participation in various events. 

Nomination & Selection Process

Those individuals who are nominated and indicate an interest in serving on the Board will be slated for a vote. As we strive for equal distribution from all schools, we cannot guarantee all interested will be selected. (For example, if 5 of the individuals interested are all from the same school, it will be quite unlikely that all 5 will be selected.) We also look for individuals who share our mission and will contribute to the Board. Voting will take place in May.

Nomination and Selection Process
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