Leaving A Legacy

Planned Giving and the LCFEF Endowment

Making a gift to the Endowment Fund often appeals to individuals who understand the power of investing for the future. Since its inception in 1992, hundreds* of forward-thinking individuals have contributed to this vision. This is an on-going campaign, seeking like-minded investors in our community’s future.


Simple ways to make a planned gift to the Endowment Fund includes gifts of cash, appreciated assets and life insurance. Charitable lead trusts and charitable remainder trusts are other ways you can contribute to the LCFEF Endowment while concurrently improving your own and/or your family’s financial situation.

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments but what is woven into the lives of others.”

– Pericles

LCFEF Endowment Fund Donors(over $10k)

Cumulative Giving Since 1996

Donor Total Gifts 1996-2021
David and Melissa Hotchkin $495,166.10
Gordon and Dona Crawford $308,000.00
The Shupper Family Foundation $250,287.28
Gene and Mindy Stein $234,560.00
Joel and Wendy Bennett $216,883.26
Scott and Mary Tracy $154,139.93
Matthew and Justine Plocher $120,600.00
Stephen and Elysa Del Guercio $116,179.00
Bradley and Victoria Schwartz $101,957.00
Casey and Elizabeth Fitzpatrick $100,989.64
Chris and Kelly Davis $96,337.62
Michael and Jodi Powers $95,170.00
David and Kalana Penner $92,500.00
Kenneth and Lori Gorvetzian $81,184.00
Xiaosong Gao and\ Xu Xiao $80,000.00
Kevin and Sandy Tsujihara $79,135.00
John and Gina Ricci $76,750.00
Craig and Melissa Mazin $66,853.00
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Woolls $66,014.00
Kevin and Carrie Martin $65,147.65
Greg Boreham and Nancy Fairchild $56,926.70
Chris and Michelle Morgan $53,176.00
Andrew and Nicole Johnsen $50,600.00
Harpal and Gita Singh $49,490.00
John and Shannon Petersen $48,516.00
John and Robin Renfro $47,620.00
Mike and Jane Goldberg $47,027.00
Paul and Heather Haaga $46,590.00
Jeffrey and Karmen Parks $44,396.00
Don and Cayce Sheppard $43,950.00
Jonathan and Virginia Tolkin $43,417.00
Peter and Kelly McWilliams $40,560.39
Foothill Chinese School $40,000.00
Jason and Billie Melillo $38,560.00
Gertrude Bennett $37,135.79
Diana Schulz $36,777.50
Malcolm Boyd and Renee LaBran $35,875.00
Robert and Julia Cooper $34,481.00
Crista Murray $34,310.00
Leonard and Mary Kenney $34,250.00
La Canada Kiwanis Foundation $32,235.62
Brad and Clarissa Weirick $32,020.00
Brent and Tara Woodford $31,561.94
James and Melanie Liu $31,000.00
Ron and Fabiana Badie $30,000.02
Kevin and Heather Ehrhart $29,580.00
David and Julie Battaglia $29,500.00
Christopher and Christi Matarese $29,000.00
Andrew and Joyce Chang $28,990.00
Joel and Darleen Peterson $27,626.00
Jack and Patricia Beauchamp $27,343.75
Eric and Shelby Grey $27,321.00
Jeremy and Julie Milbrodt $27,265.00
Mitchell Paull and Ardath Yamaga $27,159.00
Scott and Lindsay Monroe $26,025.00
Doris Young Coates $26,000.00
Christopher and Beth Milton $25,977.00
Mark and Jan Tinoco $25,000.00
Charles and Martha Wolf $24,605.00
Timothy and Shannon Griffin $23,315.00
Lydia Valenta $23,185.00
Lee and Hilary Gregg $23,000.00
Emil and Linda Eyvazoff $22,870.00
Joe and Tina Radabaugh $22,703.00
Kevin and Leslie Kevorkian $22,684.66
Brent and Deborah Weirick $22,357.27
John and Karen Clark $21,940.00
Donald and Lynn Voss $21,862.00
Chris and Alexandra deFaria $21,331.00
Brett and Lanie Lindenfeld $21,100.00
Dana and Rose Fox $20,925.00
Mark and Nancy Samuels $20,500.00
Kirk and Constance Campbell $20,000.00
Mike and Ingrid McConnell $19,885.00
Denny and Brynn Barge $19,480.00
Vito and Rebecca Mairone $18,768.31
William and Raissa Choi $18,625.00
Ken and Stacey Smersfelt $18,360.00
Peter and Teri Lauenstein $18,185.25
Rob and Paige Olson $18,183.34
Al and Vaida Mikuckis $17,535.00
Konstantin and Shilpa Penanen $17,000.00
Craig Miller and Lisa Arnett $16,918.67
Barry and Lisa Reed $16,814.02
Dhiya and Mindy El-Saden $16,500.00
Glendon and Kelley Rusch $15,534.00
Andy and Debbie Gilmour $15,500.00
Shawn and Sarah McCann $15,175.00
Craig and Theresa King $15,161.29
Danielle McPherson $15,100.00
Michael and Tammi Wright $15,000.00
Doug and Ann Drummond $15,000.00
Charles and Tammie Woodhouse $15,000.00
Jim and Cary Moore $14,867.50
Tracy and Suzanne Stewart $14,441.00
Jeffrey Miller and Paula Miller $14,000.00
Sue and Tom Fuelling $13,845.50
Keith and Tracy Tobias $13,749.00
Raffi and Myrna Mesrobian $13,600.00
E. Lawrence and Mary Spencer-Smith $13,500.00
Barbara Abercrombie $13,494.00
Charles and Sandy Ahn $13,490.00
Alex and Vickie Taylor $13,400.00
Alexander and Laura Seropian $13,340.00
Andrew and Elisabeth Dick $13,320.78
Joseph and Elsa Behney $12,565.00
James and Susanne Kaufman $12,500.00
David and Janet Lazier $12,400.00
Greg Frame and Gillan Abercrombie Frame $12,300.60
Scott and Karen Young $12,100.00
Stephen and Priya Harder $12,095.00
Robert and Shelley Packer $12,000.00
Michael and Lynley Gross $11,950.00
Chris and Sonja Bradley $11,780.00
Mel and Emily Blaney $11,706.00
Elizabeth Argue $11,700.00
Joshua and Paris Cohen $11,255.00
Todd Andrews and Alison McQuay $11,220.00
Irene Mendon $11,095.00
Nathan and Carol Lewis $11,070.00
Christopher and Melody Petrossian $11,050.00
Jeanne Broberg $10,863.93
David and Jill Van Slooten $10,722.00
Daniel and Yvonne Thorman $10,650.00
Philip and Wendy Wyatt $10,649.99
David and Elizabeth McFadzean $10,500.00
Mark Russakow and Tara Westwater $10,460.00
Shaw Wagener and Deborah Heitz $10,365.00
Jonathan Shing and Melisa Lee $10,145.00
Ara and Karine Aslanian $10,093.00
Aalok and Nicole Sharma $10,065.00
DeWayne and Mary McMullin $10,050.00
Barbara Frey $10,000.00
Kathleen Smith $10,000.00
The Drummond Group $10,000.00
Charles and Kathryn Hofgaarden $10,000.00

*Due to space constraints, the hundreds of individuals who have contributed over the years to the Endowment Fund through previous campaigns and appeals cannot be listed here.

Invest in our future by giving today.