Senior Class Gift

In honor of our children’s success, and as a gift to the children of our community, we are undertaking our 13th annual Senior Class Challenge in support of the Educational Foundation’s Endowment Fund.

These gifts are in appreciation of the excellent public education received by the graduates and in recognition of the role played by the LCFEF Endowment Fund in ensuring excellence for past, current, and future students.

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Valedictorians $5,000 and above

Peter and Melinda Chen In Honor of Ethan Chen

Craig and Melissa Mazin In Honor of Jessica Mazin

Jill and David Van Slooten In Honor of Nicole Van Slooten

Jamen and Teseena Wurm In Honor of Makayla Wurm

Salutatorians $2,500 and above

Rick Berard and Caroline Racho In Honor of  Steven Berard

Ravi and Somjot Brar In Honor of Praveen Brar

Eric and Shelby Grey In Honor of Ruby Grey

Craig and Michelle Gropper In Honor of Joanna Gropper

Miao Liu and Xiaoyu Chen In Honor of Xiaotong Liu

Chris Lowery and Paulette Osorio In Honor of Emilia Osorio-Lowery

Honor Roll $1,000 and above

Dr. Hrair Koutnouyan and Alina Koutnouyan In Honor of  Shant Koutnouyan

Dr. Jeffrey Kronson and Dr. Jean Kronson In Honor of Mia Kronson

Matthew and Holly Landon In Honor of Finn Landon

Daniel and Nina Li In Honor of Francis Li

Brett and Lanie Lindenfeld In Honor of Ellie Lindenfeld

Dr. Philip Luu and Dr. Verna Leung In Honor of Dylan Luu

Erik and Liza Olsen In Honor of Finn Olsen

Dr. Brian Roehmholdt and Dr. Kathleen Page In Honor of Caitlin Roehmholdt

Cao Tran and Julie Phung In Honor of Sarah Tran

Eric and Jill Weinlein In Honor of Kate Weinlein

Dean’s List $500 and above

Dr. Elizabeth Evans and James Andersen In Honor of  Colin and Kate Andersen

Jeffrey Booth and Francesca Del Gobbo In Honor of Elisa Booth

Stephan and Jenny Boulanger In Honor of Jacob Boulanger

Gerardo and Maria Castro In Honor of Andrew Castro

Max and Carmela de Brouwer In Honor of Alexa de Brouwer

Greg Frame and Gillan Abercrombie Frame In Honor of Grace Frame

Ralph and Antoinette Johnson In Honor of Dane Johnson

Paul and Laura Magtoto In Honor of Aaron Magtoto

Christopher and Beth Milton In Honor of  Grace Milton

Dr. and Mrs. Leonid Perez In Honor of Kayla Perez

Bentley and Michelle Soo Hoo In Honor of  Ryan SooHoo

John andJennifer Suh In Honor of Natalie Suh

Jacob and Tamar Tujian In Honor of Ari Tujian

Donors $250 and above

Rachel Zimmerman Brachman In Honor of Ben Brachman

John and Kerry Cervenka In Honor of Lilah Cervenka

Leonard and Young Cho In Honor of Winston Cho

Adrian Cho and Hyon A. Um In Honor of Sydney Cho

Elizabeth Cuff In Honor of Colin C. Cuff

Rebecca Dupont In Honor of Lucas Dien

Winston Huh and Elizabeth Escobedo In Honor of Christopher Huh

Sejong and Yoonjung Im In Honor of Emily Im

John and Kimberly Klapmust In Honor John Klapmust

Edward and Agnes Konefat In Honor of Laura Konefat

Seth and Jacqueline Larsen In Honor of Daylen Larsen and Kai Larsen

Dr. Oliver Lay and Dr. Rachel Akeson In Honor of Cameron Lay

Raffi and Mona Massabki In Honor of  Noah Massabki

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