Senior Class Gift

In honor of our children’s success, and as a gift to the children of our community, we are undertaking our seventh annual Senior Class Challenge in support of the Educational Foundation’s Endowment Fund. Please Click here to donate to the 2019 Sr. Class Gift.


These gifts are in appreciation of the excellent public education received by the graduates and in recognition of the role played by the LCFEF Endowment Fund in ensuring excellence for past, current and future students.


We thank these families and recognize their seniors!

Class of 2019



For support of $7,500 or more

James and Susanne Kaufman in honor of  Jeffrey Alan Kaufman



For support of $2,500 or more

Eric and Shelby Grey in honor of Finn Grey

Kai Ryssdal and Stephanie Fossan in honor of Adin Ryssdal



Honor Roll

For support of $1,000 or more

John and Gina Ricci in honor of Andrew Ricci

John and Tracy Oghalai in honor of  Kevin Oghalai

James and Hana Kim in honor of Stacey and  Kristy Kim

Tom and Laura Buchanan in honor of Connor Buchanan



Dean’s List

For support of $500 or more

David Lyman and Jeanne Herring in honor of Colin Lyman

Patricia Corrales in honor of  Natalia Talleda

Robert and Therese Louk in honor of  Robbie Louk

Todd Andrews and Alison McQuay in honor of  Megan Andrews

Leonard and Young Cho in honor of  Harrison Cho

Vicken and Susie Haleblian in honor of  Sara Haleblian




For support of $250 or more

Raffi and Mona Massabki in honor of Anabel Massabki

Steven and Jennifer Fox in honor of  Chelsea Fox

Stuart and Christine Chant in honor of  Will Chant

Invest in our future by giving today.