Senior Class Gift

In honor of our children’s success, and as a gift to the children of our community, we are undertaking our seventh annual Senior Class Challenge in support of the Educational Foundation’s Endowment Fund. Please Click here to donate to the 2019 Sr. Class Gift.

Last Year, the La Cañada High School Class of 2018 and their families have raised $46, 592 for the Educational Foundation’s Endowment Fund.These gifts are in appreciation of the excellent public education received by the graduates and in recognition of the role played by the LCFEF Endowment Fund in ensuring excellence for past, current and future students.

We thank these families and recognize their seniors!

Class of 2018


For support of $5,000 or more

David and Jill Van Slooten in honor of Ryan Van Slooten



For support of $2,500 or more

Monish and Manju Aron in honor of Arjun Aron

Greg Brandeau and Joan Davis in honor of Pinky Brandeau

Christopher and Christina Clarkson in honor of Emily Clarkson

Joseph and Melissa Corrente in honor of Ryan Corrente

Keith and Stacy Kinsel in honor of Maxwell Kinsel

Jason and Billie Melillo in honor of Cameron Potter Melillo

Harpal and Gita Singh in honor of Jay and Saira Singh


Honor Roll

For support of $1,000 or more

James and Kendra Baxter in honor of Charles Baxter

Greg and Kristin Creighton in honor of Kamryn Creighton

Robert and Tiprin Follett in honor of Orion S. Follett

Craig and Michelle Gropper in honor of Christan Gropper

Leo and Mona Kim in honor of Matthew Kim

Peter and Teri Lauenstein in honor of Julianne Lauenstein

Paul and Jennifer Ling in honor of Brian Ling

Bradley and Christine Lew in honor of Sydney Lew

Peter and Kelly McWilliams in honor of Madeline Odgers

Glenn Houser and Leslie Miller in honor of Allison Houser

Paul and Crista Murray in honor of Claire Marilyn Murray

Edward and Kristen Newquist in honor of Ashley Newquist

Jason and Gayle Northrop in honor of Blake Northrop

Todd and Teresa Rushing in honor of Kallie Rushing

Kevin and Sandy Tsujihara in honor of Matthew Tsujihara

Brent and Deborah Weirick in honor of Jackson Weirick

Clement and Angie Yang in honor of Tyler Yang


Dean’s List

For support of $500 or more

Jeffrey and Kristy Christensen in honor of Lauren Christensen

Cliff and Yuan Guan in honor of Bryan Guan

DeWayne and Mary McMullin in honor of Connor McMullin

William and Saran Nagel in honor of Leah Nagel

Kyung Pak in honor of Kaylin Pak

Mark and Michelle Urata in honor of Marcus Urata



For support of $250 or more

John and Kerry Cervenk a in honor of Georgia Cervenka

Matt and Linda Chin in honor of Zachary Chin

Fred and Jan Crane in honor of Ethan Crane

Tim Johnson and Jean Cunningham in honor of Booker Johnson

Michael and Silva Karafilis in honor of Lucas Dimitri Andraos

Chris McGinness and Alexis Walker in honor of Emma McGinness

Johnny and Marissa Pastor in honor of Dylan Pastor

David and McNally Sagal in honor of Finnian Sagal

James and Tammy Scanlan in honor of Carly Quinn Scanlan

Sunduck and Sunhye Suh in honor of Joshua Suh

Anthony and Teri Witteman in honor of Patrick Witteman

Edward and Cathy Yu in honor of Amanda Yu

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