Senior Class Gift

In honor of our children’s success, and as a gift to the children of our community, we are undertaking our 12th annual Senior Class Challenge in support of the Educational Foundation’s Endowment Fund.

These gifts are in appreciation of the excellent public education received by the graduates and in recognition of the role played by the LCFEF Endowment Fund in ensuring excellence for past, current, and future students.

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We thank these families and recognize their seniors last year!

Class of 2021



For support of $7,500 or more

Kevin and Carrie Martin in honor of 2020-2021 Seniors

Jason and Billie Melillo in honor of Audrey, Colin and Spencer Melillo

Jeremy and Julie Milbrodt in honor of Jaden Milbrodt

Rob and Paige Olson in honor of Cassidy Olson




For support of $2,500 or more

Ara and Karine Aslanian in honor of 2020-2021 Seniors

Steve and Barb Cabello in honor of Christian Cabello

Chris and Kelly Davis in honor of Ryann Davis

Jason and Michelle Jaross in honor of Jordan Jaross

Amir Martin and Leslie Chang in honor of 2020-2021 Seniors

Jason and Virginia Salit in honor of Samuel Salit

Aalok and Nicole Sharma in honor of Sarita Sharma


Honor Roll

For support of $1,000 or more

Ravi and Somjot Brar in honor of Sameena Brar

Wayne and Soo Kim Choi in honor of Gavin Choi

Chris and Christie Clarkson in honor of Sophie Clarkson

Martin and Yvonne Cresmer in honor of Matthew Cresmer

Eric and Shelby Grey in honor of Owen Grey

Craig and Michelle Gropper in honor of Theresa Gropper

Paul Hubler and Patty Rhee in honor of Hana Hubler

Brent and Marion Kuszyk in honor of Juno Kuszyk

Jack and Nora MacKenzie in honor of Margaret MacKenzie

Mica and Julie Miyamoto in honor of Alyssa Miyamoto

Xichdao Nguyen and Trang Tran in honor of Patience Nguyen

Kevin and Joleen O’Brien in honor of Lucas O’Brien

Jacek Pinski and Berta Kienle in honor of Daniel Pinski

Randall and Carol Scoville in honor of Amanda Randall

Michael and Sunny Yang  in honor of David Yang




Dean’s List

For support of $500 or more

Mark and Robin Driscoll in honor of Adam Driscoll

John and Elizabeth Flynn in honor of Alison Flynn

Ken and Stacey Smersfelt in honor of Will Smersfelt

Ed and Cathy Yu in honor of  Natalie Yu



For support of $250 or more

Oliver Lay and Rachel Akeson in honor of Jordan Lay

Jim Carr and Elaine Chu in honor of Jason Carr

Vinh Tran and Joyce Show in honor of Peter Tran

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