2020-21 Donors – THANK YOU!

On behalf of the children attending schools in the La Cañada Unified School District, the La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation would like to thank everyone who contributed to its 2020-21 Annual Campaign and Endowment Fund. Your generous donations have enabled the LCUSD to continue to provide critical positions and programs for the 2021-22 school year.


We have made every attempt to accurately report donations, but mistakes happen. If we have made an error, we sincerely apologize and ask that you please contact the Foundation office at (818) 952-4268 so that we may correct our records. Thank you for your understanding.


Gifts listed below represent gifts to the Annual as well as Endowment fund and also represent cash as well as in-kind gifts.

Director’s Circle $30,000 And Greater



Ara Aghajanian and Judy Wu

Bunny Frey

Craig and Melissa Mazin

Jason and Billie Melillo

Christopher and Jennifer Miller

Rob and Paige Olson



Fairmount Enterprises, LP

The Walt Disney Company

Superintendent’s Circle $18,000 to $29,999



Carter and Denise Bays

Gregory and Dede Cook

Gordon and Dona Crawford

Jeff and Orsi Crawford

David and Melissa Hotchkin

Kevin and Carrie Martin

David and Kalana Penner

Matthew and Justine Plocher

Jamen and Teseena Wurm



Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

J.W. and Ida M. Jameson Foundation


Principal’s Circle $12,000 to $17,999



Vacheh and Stephanie Avanessian

Joel and Wendy Bennett

Amir Martin and Leslie Chang

Peter and Kelly McWilliams

John and Gina Ricci

Powell and Karen Thurston



The Georgina-Fredrick Children Foundation

Teacher’s Circle $9,000 to $11,999



Jacob and Jina Chung

Chris and Kelly Davis

Arbi and Teni Karapetian

Joanne Park

Bardo Ramirez and Mary Walsh

Tyler and Alicia Roberts

Charles and Octavia Thuss

Scott and Mary Tracy

Robert and Susan Van Valer

R.T. and Laura Van Valer

Patrick and Leslie Walling


Northwestern Mutual Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Squadron TV

USC Verdugo Hills Hospital

Scholar’s List $6,000 to $8,999

Marcotte and Caroline Anderson

Joe and Lori Arbucci

Andrew and Shana Artz

Yves Baetsle and Judy Zhu

David Bearden and Tenna Tucker

Geraldine Chang

Cary and Samantha Chee

Peter and Melinda Chen

Jonathan and Hannah Cho

Chad and Christina Conwell

Brien and Cameron Fox

Greg Frame and Gillan Abercrombie Frame

Mark and Kelly Hammel

Michael and Ju Hwang

Tracy Jeandron and Dr. Debra Jeandron

Mohamed and Abeer Kayali

John and Amy Kelly

Jeffrey and Jean Kronson

Omer Latif and Saadia Chaudhary

Brett and Lanie Lindenfeld

Matthew and Sara Michelson

Jeremy and Julie Milbrodt

Joseph and Priscilla Musso

Dan and Marissa Nelson

Jason Pardo and Marion Oberle

Daniel and Cheryl Park

Mitchell Paull and Ardath Yamaga

Konstantin and Shilpa Penanen

Anthony and Kellie Pruett

Frank and Jim Reifsnyder-Smith

Jason and Heather Scherbert

Mike and Liz Schwalbach

Payam Soltanzadeh and Razieh Soltani

Scott and Nara Sugino

Rodney Swan

Todd and Jennifer Wolpert

Michael and Tammi Wright


C.W. Driver

Oaktree Captial Management

Western Asset Management Co.

Honor Roll $4,200 to $5,999


Ara and Karine Aslanian

Brian and Joanna Banks

Jacob Berlin and Meghana Bhatt

Brandon and Christina Bond

Tom and Jessica Boyle

Steve and Barb Cabello

James and Delia Camp

Carlos and Flory Carballo

Scott and Alice Choi

Amit and Sophie Chopra

Christopher and Christina Clarkson

Robert and Julia Cooper

John and Elizabeth Flynn

Ryan George and Asma Saraj

Stephen and Allyson Goldsby

Stephen and Priya Harder

Jared Herzikoff-Cornell and Asha Masurekar

Dan and Andrea Jeffries

Individuals (cont’d.)

Willan Johnson and Lakshmi Dastur

Bill and Rana Kantar

Ben and Cristina Kelly

Arnold Kim and Julie Song

Eduardo and Amy Kim

John and Kimberly Klapmust

Sheng Kuo and Magdelena Mak

Seth and Jacqueline Larsen

Eduardo Lopez and Vivian Insua-Lopez

Louie Family

Brian and Jennifer Lowry

Chris and Joyce Mayne

Liam and Colleen McGuiness

Ryan and Shauna McManus

Craig and Jennifer Mohaghegh

James and Tracey Nelson

John O’Grady and Margaret O’Rourke

Individuals (cont’d.)

Sin Park and Marta Chung

Brian and Danielle Parisi

Jeffrey and Karmen Parks

Dan and Hilary Petrizzo

Scott and Meera Pyper

Christopher Quek and Elizabeth Li

Matthew and Jennifer Rocca

Randall and Carol Scoville

Aalok and Nicole Sharma

Tim and Shawn Sheffield

Robert and Kimberly Sibbrel

Gene and Mindy Stein

Daniel and Cynthia Stockhammer Stern

Gaurav and Kalyani Sukhatme

Edward and Vanessa Terzian

Eric and Jill Weinlein

Alan Yee and CeCe Chin

Weijun Zhu and Mandy Wang

John and Adrian Ziemer


Bradford Renaissance Portrait

Google, Inc.

Ben and Cristina Kelly

Pasadena Showcase House of Design

The Time Machine

Founders $3,000 to $4,199


Jason and Nara Ahn

Ramsey Amin and Tara Hopeck

Sevan Aratounians and Sahar Bedrood

Patrick and Liezle Arevalo

Edvin Baghdasarians and Rashel Der Hovanisean

Raymond and Nicole Baker

Kevin and Carolina Barltrop

Christopher Basset and Kari Lewis

Shant and Nazeli Bekmezian

Ron Ben-Ari and Jeannie Chang

Lars and Eileen Bergmann

Jeff and Stacey Berner

Jason and Laura Berns

Holger and Elizabeth Besch

Andrew and Meredith Beyer

Yanfeng Bi and Rui Li

Robert and Angela Blair

Dr. Michael Bowdish and Margarita Lam

Greg Brandeau and Joan Davis

Brad and Betty Bredemann

James and Maureen Bright

Kevin and Laura Burke

Anthon and Michele Cannon III

Felix Caprez and Mrs. Seidel Caprez

Ron and Joyce Carey

Jeff and Allison Carmack

Beth Carter

Ted and Kelly Cass

Andres and Rebecca Castano

Robert and Esther Cha

Tony and Ruba Chahine

Dennis Chen and Julie Shih

Jing Chen and Guofan Qiu

Simon Cheng and Arlene Fader

Subbaiah and Sonia Cherumandanda

Kevin and Diana Chiang

Dharshi and Liviu Chindris

Melvin and Jenny Chiu

Nam and Jane Cho

Eugene and Cindy Chu

Seung and Sun Chung

Seung Chung

Anselm Clinard and Alyssa Valentine

Sean Commons and Jennifer Nakata

Joaquin Cornejo and Christy Davis

Eugenio Correa and Juliana Lemus

Case Cortese

Denis and Donna Cortese

Aaron and Nicole Craig

David and Stacy Craig

Greg and Kristin Creighton

Brendan Crill and Xenia Amashukeli

Brian Cruickshank and Poornima Rao

Alexey and Olga Danilova

Max and Carmela de Brouwer

Jeff and Anne DePies

Andrew and Elisabeth Dick

Scott Dien and Rebecca Dupont

The Dotts Family Trust

Loren and Kelin Dotts

Mark and Robin Driscoll

Craig and Sarah Drobis

Kevin Du and Vivian Li

Andy and Sheila Dunbar

Michael Duvall and Stephanie Duchene

Matthew Easley and Olga Kalashnikova

Justin Ehresmann and Brie Loskota

Martin and Tarlan Ellwood

Josh Epstein and Elizabeth Johnson

Eric and Melissa Fan

Andrei Faraon and Viviana Gradinaru

Diane Farr

Daniel and Katherine Feng

Frederick and Yanghong Finnigan

Jonathan Flack and Blossom Lefcourt

Benjamin Fraund and Melissa Yee

Grace Fung

Hank and Laura Gao

Andrew Garcia and Monica Chi

William and Nancy Goldyn

Thomas and Tania Grafos

Timothy and Shannon Griffin

Bruno and Kristin Gruaz

Natascha and Jan Gundersen

Ben and Lisa Haber

George and Dezireh Hanna

Aaron and Ana Hartford

Michael and Gina Hazelwood

Christian and Teresa Heger

Individuals (cont’d.)

Tuan and Ellis Hoang

Jeff and Sarah Hoffner

Pin Huang

Banyon Hutter and Stephanie Shum

John and Rebecca Ibsen

Ravikumar Kotamangalam and Vidya Narayan Iyer

Jeremy and Adrianne Jackson

Curt and Kimberly Jacobsen

Jason and Michelle Jaross

Zach and Charysse Jennings

Frank Jiang and Liang Wei

Peng Jiang and Xiao Fang Liu

Eli and Rebecca Jorne

Marcus Juniel and Maria Videla

Tod and Lisa Kanegae

Jim and Jeewon Kang

Nick and Stuart Karapetian-McKinney

Kentaro Katayama

Jonathan Kawamura and Ann Esin

Matt and Xiao Chun Keuneke

Azeemuddin Khaja and Zahra Farooqui

Steve and Lisa Kiang

John and Michelle Kim

Charles and Hyunju Kim

Dr. Hans Kim and Jinkyung Hong

Anthony Kim and Injung Hong

Young Wook Kim and Su Yeon Han

Curtis and Hyelim Kim

James and Hana Kim

Jae and Karen Kim

Joon and Carolyn Kim

Philip and Andrea Klemmer

James and Rachel Koelzer

Michael and Linda Koss

Rami Kouz and Hermineh Tahmassian

Pablo Kurlat

Donald and Emily Kwon

Brian and Stefani Kye

Benjamin and Ashley Labow

Mike Lai and Sonia Sit-Lai

David and Marian Lamb

Erik and Elizabeth Landswick

Amar and Shelly Lapsi

Leonard and Julie Lee

Cin-Young Lee and Seung Shin

Steve and Yoona Lee

Frank and Agnes Lee

James and Angie Lee

Lance and Young Lee

James and Joyce Lee

Mervin and Edith Lei

Daniel Li and Lina Ye

Kevin and Leah Lin

Luke and Barbara Lineberry

Miao Liu and Xiaoyu Chen

Junjie Liu and Yu Pan

David Luo and Emily Cao

Brian and Yvonne Lutz

Philip and Verna Luu

Albert and Vera Ma

Scott MacDonell and Megan Oberle

Amarpreet and Bhupinder Malik

Michael  and Cynthia Malone

James and Guilied Malouf

Kim and Linh Man

Bryan and Jennifer Maxwell

Erin Mccullaugh

Jeremy and Christine McDowell

Ian and Melissa McFarland

Chris McGinness and Alexis Walker

Kris and Lacey McLaughlin

Michael and Evelyn Mello

Tala Madani

Michael and Jody Menerey

Mica Miyamoto and Julie Shibasaki

Masashi Mizukami and Connie Chan

Justin and Kricket Moles

Frank and Truc Moore

Colin and Marie Moore

Casey and Katrina Moore

Ryan and Lori Morgan

Todd and Kelly Morris

Dr. and Mrs. Mario Munich

Omar and Nilam Nalamwar

Ronnie and Kristine Ng

Aaron Noell and Raquel Rodriguez Monje

John and Tracy Oghalai

Tyler and Amanda Ohanian

Dana Ostenson and Karen Brandt

Benjamin and Sarah Paik

Marcelo Pak and Chung Mee Pak

Armen and Katherine Panossian

Steven and Heather Park

Dr. Joseph Park and Keejoo Park

Individuals (cont’d.)

David and Joanne Park

Eugene Park and Jeehyun Kim

Leonid and Eileen Perez

John and Elizabeth Perry

John and Shannon Petersen

Bill Pham and Phuong Tran

Andrew and Samar Phillips

Frank and Tanneke Picha

Steven and Alicia Platt

Harry and Claire Plotkin

Joe and Tina Radabaugh

Shaun and Ashleigh Rader

Doug and Amy Ramsey

Rahul and Smitha Ravipudi

Barry and Lisa Reed

Rick and Danielle Remender

Randy and Andrea Repp

Todd and Shauna Reynolds

Ryan and Nina Ries

Craig Ring and Jane Hartwell

Dean and Cynthia Rocco

Francois Rogez and Julie Castillo-Rogez

Adam and Melissa Rosen

Michael and Celia Rothman

Kai Ryssdal and Stephanie Fossan

Marcelo Sada and Paulina Tarriba

Dinesh and Sara Sadhwani

Sandi Saeger – Dilbeck Real Estate

Srinath and Renu Samudrala

Benjamin Sasounian and Lilit Pogosian

Scott and Hannah Seely

Adam Seltzer and Kimberly Hardash-Pitt

Dan Sernett and Stephanie Anaya-Sernett

Alexander and Laura Seropian

Robert Sha and Ruby Wang

Neal and Mira Shah

Gary and Emily Shanas

Joshua and Christine Shaw

Matthew Shaw and Patricia Bradwell

Brian and Katherine Shew

Ernest and Jennifer Shmidt

Jayant Shukla and Wenwen Lu

Charles and Wendy Siegler

Davy and Stephanie Sim

Ken and Stacey Smersfelt

Timothy and Rachel Stanley

Christopher and Sarina Stogel

Timothy Stoll and Meghan McCord

John and Lori Strauss

David and Alka Stroud

John and Angeline Su

John and Jennifer Suh

Nick and Ana Tackes

Jonathan and Grace Tam

Justin and Corrie Tanous

Drew and Julie Taylor

Mehul and Shital Taylor

Paul and Nancy Thompson

Ban Tieu and Maria Charina Dy

Duong Trinh and Kris Lum

Erik and Jennifer Trubey

Vassilis Tsotras and Helga Van Herle

Hugo and Angelica Tzec

Mark and Michelle Urata

Gamer Vartanian and Edith Navasargian

Robert Vartzar and Adena Asatoorian

Rodney and Emily Vencatachellum

Randy Villahermosa and Erin Rea

Aaron and Mary Wade

Chip and Kate Walters

Zhichun Wang and Lijuan Deng

Jeremy and Monica Warner

Matthew and Stephanie Weber

Alexis and Carissa Weber

Colin and Mikki Weightman

Lawrence and Deona Willes

Vanesa Wittenberg

Mike Wokosin and Amanda Massucci

Andy Wong and Catherine Chang

Nathanial Wood and Julie Townsend

Brent Woods and Jessica Battain

Rongpu Xu and Ying Meng

Dr. Shahan and Mrs. Nellie Yacoubian

Kaiser and Marilyn Yang

Michael and Sunny Yang

Omar and Melissa Yassin

Christopher and Kim Yee

Roy You and Ying Emma Zhang

Pasha and Jennifer Zargarof

Ning Zhou and Meixuan Zhang


Behr Construction Co.

Coldwell Banker La Canada


Emily Erin Roberts Memorial Fund

Gillan Abercrombie Frame, Compass

Greg Frame Construction, Inc.


Kwon Orthodontics

Lagerlof LLP

The Little Gym of La Canada

Optima Home Health Care

Payden & Rygel

Rowley Portraiture

Sandi Saeger – Dilbeck Real Estate

Sempra Energy


Thompson Family Dental

Benefactors $1,800 to $2,999


Jack and Patricia Beauchamp

Rick Berard and Caroline Racho

Andre Bonyadian and Tina Alamian

Stephan and Jenny Boulanger

Neal and Molly Brockmeyer

Mitch and Teresa Butier

Ryan and Minwen (Cynthia) Chen

David and Hyewon Choi

Josh and Sabina Clorfeine

Joshua and Paris Cohen

Craig and Michelle Gropper

Jonathan and Michiko Hartzberg

Marcus and Gina Hoffman

Heui-Chan Hwang and Soohee Lee

Cameron and Abby Izadi

Patrick and Ashley Kennedy

Brian Kenworthy and Joanie Paik

David and Lauriann Kim

Je Young and Susan Kim

Jin Kim and Erin Mccullaugh

Kurt Knechtel and Lauren LaVine

Michael and Megan Kreiner

David and Jennifer Krinsky

Pierre and Amanda Landry

Individuals (cont’d.)

London Lawson and Christine Harada

Oliver Lay and Rachel Akeson

Kevin and Tracy Le

William and Gina Lee

Phillippe and Alison Lefebvre

Jeffrey Ma

Suneet and Kris Manchandia

Bryan Mu and Lauren Hwang

Enrique and Maria Munoz

John and Jasmine Nelson

Kevin and Joleen O’Brien

Mitchio Okumura and Laurie Kovalenko

Erik and Jaime Palladino

Peter and Alison Parra

Jonathan Poloskov and Annie Wang

Anthony and Ellen Portantino

Teresita Que

Reginald and Julie Rivas

Brian and Kathleen Roehmholdt

Ryan and Jenny Sakamoto

Jason and Virginia Salit

Jagmit and Pammi Sandhu

Tom and Roxanne Scarnecchia

Andrew and Jean Scharlotta


Matthew and Beth Shupper

Harpal and Gita Singh

George and Annsley Strong

Wei Gung and Nien-Tung Sun

Tien Truong and Belinda Dong

Robert Valdez and Meiyun Yang

Robert and Diana Walker

Jeff and Pamela Watts

Richard Weiss and Sarah Salamon

Rex Wong and Diana Jou

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Woolls

Arthur Yu and Kimberly Jiang

Aegon TransAmerica Foundation

Avery Dennison Corporation

Colony North Star


The Hillside School & Learning Center

Mehrnoosh Architect, Urban Design

MUFG Union Bank

Oath Inc.

The Shupper Family Foundation

Julie Taylor MD Functional Medicine and Wellness

Viacom, Inc.

Champions $1,200 to $1,799


John and Doreen Aitelli

Craig and Shannon Alexander

Harvinder and Jyotika Anand

Chi Ao and Cathy Hung

Ryan and Jacki Asplund

Andrew Aung and Sherril Chun

Jeffrey and Rosemary Bender

Alexander Benderskii and Maricelly Vargas

Charles and Marisol Bradford

Pardeep and Sadhana Brar

Ravi and Ravinder Brar

Peter and Holly Breckheimer

Kevin and Maya Brennan

Lisa Brewer

Michael and Diana Burnstine

Charles Calix and Susan Kim

Philip Cha and Julie Kim

Jay and Hyojin Cha

Alex and Margaret Cha

Steve and Amy Chang

Charles Chang

Yong Chen and Annie Wu

Leonard and Young Cho

Winston and Caroline Choe

Christopher and Andrea Choi

Marvin and Julia Chow

Raymond Choy and Yiwen Lin

Clay Christensen and Heidi Hamilton

Herwin and Dinah Chua

Paul Chung and Frances Dong

Max Chung and Claire Nah

Soon-Jo and Sunny Chung

Steve and Paula Cook

Martin and Yvonne Cresmer

Giuseppe and Roxana Cugno

Glenn E. Cunningham

Drs. Gary and Sara Dennis

Eric and Sabrina Derrintgon

Lalin and Heather Desoyza

Armen and Talin Dikranian

Gregory and Heidi Dobbs

Mike and Desiree Dziurgot

Bulut and Pelin Ersavas

Mohamed and Misbah Etman

Jason and Christa Evans

Kevin Feely and Yao Zhang

Antonette Feldman

Shane and Farrell Foley

Brandon and Chandra Fox

Karen Galoyan and Ani Oganesian

Dylan and Wendy Garland

Christopher and Laura Garnic

Jay and Charissa Gilmore

Phillip and Jennifer Gordon

Eric and Shelby Grey

Susanna Griffith

Tim and Carrie Grochow

Michael and Lynley Gross

Alex and Jessica Guerrero

Dr. Mittul Gulati and Dr. Yasagni Jayasinha

Jack and Nancy Gunther

Kevin and Mun Guthmiller

Jeff and Betsy Hall

Paul Han and Yun Yi

David and May Han

David and Joan Hannah

Greg and Susan Harlan

Individuals (cont’d.)

David and Lisa Harp

Chao He and Mei Cao

Daniel and Debra Heller

Brandon and Heather Henry

Naomi Herrera

George and Heather Hervey

Ben and Alli Hinojos

David and Martha Ho

Ken and Vicki Ho

David and Iris Hong

Rex Hong and Tammy Yao-Hong

Grant and Stephanie Hosford

Patrick and Sonya Hsieh

Hank Hsing and Yang Zheng

Ling Huang and Jialing Lang

Dennis and Natalie Hubbard

Royce Hudson and Linda Samia

Sejong and Yoonjung Im

Steven and Sara Ingrassia

Zareh Jaltorossian and Aghavni Kasparian

Danny Joe and Claudia Dietrich-Joe

Edward Johnson and Susan Johnson

James and Sue Joo

Shoji Kameda and Emi Yoshimura

Sung and Nam Kang

Raffi Karayan

Digran and Karolin Khalili

Damian and Marian Kim

Howard Kim

Doil and Young Kim

John and Jennifer Kim

Yale and Jenny Kim

Euchul and Julie Kim

Alberto and Ileana King

Kevin and Kayla Koo

Eric and Kristina Kulczycki

David and Alice Kurs

Michael and Lily Kurumada

Art and Michele Lacher

Niels and Maria Larsen

Tom and Krysty Leckrone

John and Ashley Lee

Domin Lee and Doyoun Kim

Jason and Hannah Lee

Homin and Jungmin Lee

Hyung Lee and Heeyoung Kim

Lawrence and Sojin Lee

Mandy Li

Ronglin Liou and Joyce Chen

Mr. and Mrs. Chia Chen Liu

Matt Logelin and Lizzie Molyneux

Jennifer Loomis

Chin and Ann Ma

Paul and Laura Magtoto

Jepril and Agnes Maranan

Robert Marinovich and Maricela Hurtado

Phil and Katherine Markgraf

Jim and Karen McCabe

Michael McHenry and Erendira Torres Martin

Michael Mellema and Chante Gordon

Robert and Gail Miller

Paul and Noemi Moll

Michael and Saida Moore

Alberto Morales and Lola Lo

Tae Nam and Helen Chong

Marvin and Mary Nelson

Individuals (cont’d.)

Tien Ng and Phuong Lieu

Xichdao and Trang Nguyen

Mike and Aileen Nguyen

Assad Oberai and Vidya Ramaswamy

Erik and Liza Olsen

Derrick Pan and Athena Chan

Andy and Catherine Pan

Hyoung and Sherie Park

Jun and Sophia Jiae Park

Mike Pi and Christina Yoon

Raju and Anupama Pillai

Matthew and Allison Regan

Jason and Su Jung Rhee

John and Wen Robinson

Shawn Robinson and Christine Choun

Brendan and Jill Ross

Paul and Cynthia Roye

Katsuyoshi and Kanae Sahara

Carlos and Danieli Salinas

Kamal Sandhu

John and Melissa Schiller

Wes and Jennifer Seastrom

Andrew and Eryn Paige Seltzer

Jung Woo Seo and Ok Hee (Becky) Bae

Michael and Bella Shaar

James Sheehy

Max and Lisabeth Shiner

Christopher and Elizabeth Silber

Prasanna and Sumudu Silva

Robert Smith and Joanne Smith

Dong Gyun and Kathryn Son

Alex and Amy Song

Sevan and Mary Stepanian

Michael and Christy Stephen

Robert Strittmatter and Jordana Blacksberg

David and Tina Suh

Jimmy and Christy Suh

Jeffrey and Valerie Talbert

Peter and Rishika Tartaglia

Dr. Babak and Mrs. Linda Tashakkor

Gevorg Terteryan and Nune Tingilian-Terteryan

Eric and Sandi Trimble

Kevin and Sandy Tsujihara

Jacob and Tamar Tujian

Fernando and Josefina Valadez

Erik and Mariana Valderhaug

Lydia Valenta

Suresh Vannan and Latha Baskaran

Jonathan and Jennifer Wainman

Chris Waldheim

Blake and Sara Walker

Woody and Terry Walker

Ou Wang and Xun Lin

Jeffrey Wang and Julie Huang

Kenneth Wei and Ching-Fei Chang

Brent and Deborah Weirick

John and Nancy Wolhaupter

Gabi and Erin Wolper

Lodge and Whitney Worster

Alexander and Karnis Wu

Bechien and Su Wu

Roberto and Juliana Wu

Igor and Tatiana Yanovsky

Roy and Jennifer Yen

Weili Zhang


Alliance Bernstein

Amazon Smile

Jacki Tenerelli Asplund, Compass Real Estate


Boeing Gift Matching Program

Amy Chang, Coldwell Banker Realty

Carrie Boreham Grochow, Dilbeck Real Estate

J’s Maid Service

La Canada Pet Clinic

Major League Baseball Players Trust

Mohamed and Misbah Etman – Compass Real Estate

Roclord Studio Photography

Wes Seastrom, Podley Properties

Soil Direct

State Farm Companies Foundation

Wang Law Corporation

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group

Wells Fargo Foundation

The Wonderful Company Foundation Inc.

Patrons $600 to $1,199


Elizabeth Argue

Thomas Armentrout Wiswall

Andrew and Jessica Arthur

Charles and Ann Austen

Suntae and Hyunjeong Bae

Warren and Pam Banta

Joseph and Patricia Berendt

Kaushik Bhattacharya and Sohini Ray

Peter Bissias

Matthew and Timary Bonaccorso

Greg Boreham and Nancy Fairchild

Steven and Emily Broberg

Anne Broberg

Larry and Elizabeth Brown

Thomas and Laura Buchanan

Roy and Jing Butler

Tyrone and Jaime Canaday

Robert and Katherine Candler

Gilbert and Kathryn Canton

Sean Carney and Tracy Wilkison

Jim Carr and Elaine Chu

Albert and Farah Chang

Bing Chen and Liyin Lee

Luping and Li Li Chen

Simon Cheung and Yuan Xiang

Jae and Jean Chi

Matt and Linda Chin

Edward and Eunseon Cho

Wayne and Soo Kim Choi

Ward and Ann Christensen

Kipp and Kate Christiansen

John and Karen Clark

Curtis and Christine Collins

Andrew and Katie Cornell

Heidi Crane

Raffi Daghlian and Marina Shwartsman

John and Kelli Day

Jason and Jasmine DeMatteis

Rajpal and Aman Dhillon

Brandon and Joann DiTullio

Tuan Anh Do and Jamie Cheung

Lidong Fang

Bhagya Fernando and Shamalie Goonewardene

Dave and Mindy Fisher

Robert and Nancy Ford

Jason and Lynnette Fujimoto

Sean and Cindy Gao

Fred and Allyson Gartside

Jason Geng and Daphne Ouyang

Stephen and Linda Gill

Jonathan and Rori Grabel

Derek and Sharon Grey

Ravindrakumar Guruswamy and Shilpa Swamy

James and Ahee Han

Steven and Sandy Hartford

Individuals (cont’d.)

Chandler and Alison Ho

Eldon Horst and Amy Chen

Eric and Karen Hsieh

Lei Huang and Mingjie Shi

Paul Hubler and Patty Rhee

Benjamin and Veronica Hung

Patrick and Sankar Iyer

Joseph Jeong and Jade Wong

Geoff and Sherry Johansing

Eugene and Sooah Joung

Dr. Janos Kakuk and Cindy J. Kim

Yop and Dana Kang

Brian and Genna Kern

Paul and Leah Kirste

Tim and Kellie Klein

Adam and Kate Kline

David and Mary Jane Klune

Antranik and Nyree Kolanjian

Hrair and Alina Koutnouyan

Santhi and Krishna Kumar

Brent and Marion Kuszyk

Kin Kwan and Alice Yip

Gerald and Maria Kwon

Dan and Patricia La

Mark LaBarge and Jenny Wang

Edward Lam and Caryn Hoang

Matthew and Holly Landon

Greg Lantoine and Linli Liu

Brent and Kelseys Larson

Kenneth Lee and Catherine Han

Thomas Lee and Jin Kyung Rhee

William and Wei Lei

Nathan and Carol Lewis

Seung Choon and Jay Lim

Michael Lin and M Eng Lim

Dr. John Lindal and Dr. Jiming Lindal

Lord Maynard Llera and Maria Regina Regudo-Llera

Chris Lowery and Paulette Osorio

Jack and Nora MacKenzie

Ric and Masha Markmann

Nathan McCall and Karen Yoo

Shawn and Sarah McCann

David Mihal and Linda Steffen

David and Jennifer Miller

Eric and Sharla Moore

Jim and Cary Moore

Alfred and Ellen Multari

Santhosh Nadipuram and Swati Mohan

Lane and Marie Nakasone

Yuhai Niu and Xiangju Li

Clayton Okino and Xiaohua Yu

Joseph Ong and Delia Deng

John and Juliet Pappas

Vishwas Parekh and Eunhee Shim

Jin Wook Park and Guen Hye Ryu

Gyoung Tae Park and Bora Yoon

Individuals (cont’d.)

Edward and Maria Pascua

Michael and Carol Liu Peevey

David and Melanie Pendergast

Zachary and Tiffany Petroc

Jacek Pinski and Berta Kienle

Chris and Katie Poole

Frances D. Porter

Joshua and Dorothy Potter

George and Nancy Rappard

Martin and Vivian Regehr

Peter Rinde

Janah and Elizabeth Risha

Sagus and Nandita Sampath

John Scavo and Elise Gibney

Thomas and Cathy Schafer

Jason and Lindsey Schnell

Graham and Joanna Scott

John-Paul and Tamar Shetty

Jeffrey and Laura Sneed

Kenneth Snyder and Jill Hamagiwa

Dr. Kenneth Son and Soo Hyun Lim

Ian and Alison Stewart

Justin and Michelle Strassburg

Jeffrey and Tina Tamara

Simone Tanelli and Renee Frisbie

Gregory Taylor and Yiye Zhou

Nicholas Taylor and Alicia Emerson

Rey and Denise Torres

Daniel and Leanna Tripathi

Jimmy Tsai and Rosana Chen

Norman and Charise Untalan

David and Jill Van Slooten

Kurt and Jessica Voelker

Donald Wakeman and Szu Wang

Lin Wang and Xiaobo Li

Tony and Cindy Wang

Greg and Keisha Wilcox

Michael and Julie Williams

Tom and Kronwalai Wong

Dennis and Angela Woo

Bruce and Susan Worster

Hongbo Wu and Yun Zhang

Ziran Wu and Xiaoyan Tu

Peter and Ramona Xaypraseuth

Guang-Qian Xiao and Fang Huang

James Yee and Christine Chon

Sanghyuk Yoo and Hwayoung Lim

John and Helen Yoon

Phil and Liz Young

Scott and Karen Young

Edward and Cathy Yu

Wei Yu and Siyuan Zhou

Yuke Yuan and Min Liang

James and Jaimie Yun

James and Joellen Yundt

John and Sonia Zeroogian


ACX Kids

The Apple Cart

The Art of Room Design

Bank of the West

CIT Bank

Edison International Employee Contributions Group

Flint Canyon Tennis Club

The Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

La Cañada Pool and Patio

La Petite Kids Dentist

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Mizuho USA Foundation, Inc.


UBS Foundation USA

Supporters $300 to $599


Ted and Rae Aaselund

Kathryn Enright-Aguilar and Joseph Aguilar

James and Karen Albanese

Susan Anderson

Francisco and Janet Arellano

Nazan Armenian

Aeden and Kristine Babish

Jeff and Darlene Baker

Paul and Mary Blencowe

Mr. Booth and Dr. Francesca Del Gobbo

Malcolm Boyd and Renee LaBran

Ewan Branda and Katie Rubinyi

Erik and Lauren Brown

William Chen and Cathy Chang

Tiffany Chung

Charles Chung and Tara Thacker

Bob and Sandy Clements

Robert and Tanya Cobb

David & Doris Cohen

James Colbert and Vicki Land

Francis and Cynthia Costello

Dustin and Wendi Damico

Brenda Dietlein

Timothy and Stacey Dusing

David and Zulema Eckenrod

Nick and Julie Eleftheriou

Gary and Miriam Ellis

Jan Paul Favero and Anne Marston

Jarrett and Tracey Fugh

Rishi and Shilpa Garg

Richard Goldstein and Ruth Goldstein

Richard and Lynne Graves

Bruce and Kelly Green

Steven and Rita Harwood

George and Anna Hasbun

Arman and Alena Hasratyan

Chris and Vicki Hays

Judith Healey

Douglas and Alicia Herman

Individuals (cont’d.)

Garrett and Jessica Ho

Brandon and Vanessa Ho

Michael and Kayla Hong

Sung Ha and Chan Hee Hong

Dennis and Patty Huang

Karl and Gina Jablinskey

Harold and Carolyn Jeffers

Ralph and Antoinette Johnson

Matt and Michelle Jones

Larry and Wandy Jung

Gary and Linda Kaplan

Kishan and Rupa Kasondra

Shane Khoh and Therese Tan

Jennifer and Dudley Killam

William and Lorna Kim

Michael and Ellen Kirstein

Larry and Pat Knudsen

Patricia Koide

Kyoung Hoon and Claire Lee

Gary and Lorraine Lerner

Michael and Yvonne Leung

Sam and Dora Lim

Fang Lin

Sahak and Hilda Loussinian

Steve and Julie Luk

Robert and Toni Maharg

Alex and Emily Maleki

Stanley and Margaret Manatt

Robert and Grace Mase

Jack McCann

Bob and Janice McGlashan

Tim McQuay and Julie Shaull

Steve and Sue Mercer

Matthew Moreno and Ashley Tearston

David and Donna Morong

Hamid Namazie and Terry Luu-Namazie

Jason and Gayle Northrop

Matthew Novak and Jaclyn Chu

Steven and Jannie Peng

Joseph and Ester Perez

Scott and Lisa Phelan

Individuals (cont’d.)

Matthew Presti and Janey Chu

Patricia Quon

Dr. Gary Radner and Katie Metz

Noel and Robin Rodriguez

Michael and Erin Ruffalo

Melissa Ryan

William and Sandra Ryden

Chris and Dianeh Sablan

Ara and Ann Sahakian

Stephen and Karen Sakamoto

Aaron Sandeen and Marianna Flores

Jared and Susie Sandrew

Bruce and Kathy Seuylemezian

Bert Shanas

Barry Shanley and Susan Shanley

Andrew and Ashley Smith

Shawn Smith and Ann Choe

Jeff and Leila Springer

Yong Sui and Xi Zhang

Tony and Jennifer Sullivan

Kat Summers

Richard and Lori Sweet

Fortino Tarula and Juanita Tarula-Villarreal

Arthur and Lynne Thompson

Geoffrey Toon and Shirley Chung

Robert and Christen Treuhaft

Steven and Alison Trytten

David VanBuren and Susan Terebey

James and Jeanne Wallace

Steve and Keisha Waugh

Fred and Rebecca Weaver

Charlotte Wells and Gina Lamar

Eric Winzenried and Caren Saiet

Robert and Nancy Yasuda

Russell and Finola Young

Bertram and Janice Yuh

Lisa Zastrow


Alfredo Designs

Bank of America – Matching

Bel Air Investment Advisors LLC

Broadcom Matching Program

Janice McGlashan, Coldwell Banker Residental Brokerage

Plan Ahead Events

Rose Gold Fitness

Summer of Surf: Beach & Surf Camp

Friends $100 to $299


Sinan Akciz and Jessica Neu

Charlotte Anten

Lewis and Ellen Anten

Edward and Merline Apffel

Lemuel and Carla Aragones

Joseph and Linett Arias

Vathanan and Esther Ariathurai

Artur and Christina Avetyan

John Babish

Peter and Molly Bachmann

Craig and Kimberly Ballard

Laurel Bausman

Matt and Christina Berlin

Gerald and Glenda Berman

Ismael and Ana Berver

Edward and Kelly Betz

David and Carol Beyer

Toni Bird

Viktor and Kim Blaha

Mel and Emily Blaney

Rathi Brijesh and Priyanka Gupta

Jeanne Broberg

Kirk and Megan Broberg

Kalind Carpenter and Lucy Berumen-Carpenter

Sevada Chamras and Elminda Baghdaserians

Stuart and Christine Chant

Esteban Chavez and Nicole Barrios

Hiten and Pooja Chawla

Pin and Trina Chen

Brian and Katrina Childs

Bryan and Yunsook Choi

John Choi and Sophia Kim

Scott and Allison Christopher

Jason and Camille Chu

Debra Chung

Will and Catherine Close

Patricia Corrales

Alexander and Amy Cote

Torey Culbertson and Carolina Musick

Mark Davidson and Lisa Brownfield

Michael Davis and Amy Tatum

Francisco De Vivo and Araminta De Vivo

Arturo Del Castillo and Ruth Monarrez

Phillip and Julie Del Rivo

Thomas and Nina DeLuccia

Sean Dillon and Stephanie Kingsnorth

Philip and Sandra Dirkin

Peter and Lydia Donaldson

Ron and Julieann Falasca

Michael and Erin Fine

Micheal L. Flores and Yoon Lee

David and Janet Forster

Robert and Katherine Francescon

Regan and Laura Franklin

Richard and Ramona Frazier

Mr. Fu and Shanshan Yu

Cris and Tony Gaudino

Michael and Elaine Godby

Dave and Christine Grammier

Douglas and Kellie Greenblatt

Vicken and Susie Haleblian

Georgia Hamilton

Tom and Eva Hanson

James and Camilla Hartman

Carole Hasbun

Jim and Betsy Hawkins

Catherine Hawks

Christopher and Yvonne Hays

Keith Hazleton and Joy Gibson

Scott and Meredie Heaton

Mike and Jaime Hefner

Jill Henley

David and Laura Hetzel

Individuals (cont’d.)

Carrie and John Hetzel

David and Beverly Hickman

Ezra and Patricia Hochstetler

Nancy Hogg

Will and Christine Hong

Gary and Mary Hopkins

Sean Hunt and Grace Fu

Carl and Mia Husfeld

Linda Ibsen

Eileen and Bill Jensen

Liz Johnson

Karl Johnson and Yvonne Johnson

Gregory and Michie Jones

Paul and Celestine Joo

Lorie Judson

Dennis and Dorothy Juett

Jason Jung and Mi Yeon Seo

Glara Kang

Mariana Kang

Justin and Jenny Kazak

Armen and Naieri Kikeshian

Dong and Myung Kim

Wanju Kim and Niki Hwang

Edward and Agnes Konefat

Greg Konzen

Matt and Nora Koskenmaki

Hannes and Nicole Kraus

Scott and Sabrina Krug

Dan and Rebecca Kukkonen

Ainsley and Sharn Haw Kung

Joseph and Michelle Kwan

Gary and Kit Lamont

Robert and Grace Lee

James and Jenny Lee

David and Yuri Lee

Greg and Michelle Lee

Andrew Lee

Hyeong Jae Lee and Mina Yoo

Gene Lee and Eun Soo Kim

Thay and Angie Q. Lee

Seung Hyeok Lee and Moon Jeoung Kim

Jeffrey and Judy Lee

Matthew and Cecily Lew

Matthew and Rhiannon Liewer

R.N. Lindoerfer

Clark and Karen Linstone

Richard and Maria Liukis

Arthur and Annette Louie

Cao Luu and Myran Nosar

David Lyman and Jeanne Herring

Christine Ma

Alejandro and Carina Martinez

Lena Masri

Paul Masson and Julie Howard

George and Hope Mastras

Terry and Amy Matalas

Christopher and Christi Matarese

Brian and Lourdes Matthews

Scott and Terry McKenzie

Ayesha Mian

Anne Miller

Yvette Minjarez

Hiroshi and Ikuko Mizukami

Gregory and Alison Molinelli

Susan Molinelli

Patrick Monaghan and Nayoung Kim

David Moore and Deena Rubinson

Daniel H. Mulkey

Hans and Beth Mumper

Steve and Makiko Nakasone

Wallace and Angela Ng

Yu Ng

William and Heidi Oxley

Javier Pacheco and Elena Rochaviveros

Charles Pan and Yawen Liang

Anthony and Jean Parille

Bruce Park and Mrs. Han Park

Andrew Paulson and Erin Donovan

Individuals (cont’d.)

Don and Beth Paulson

Lindsay Anne Pedder

Joe and Karyn Perez

Kathleen Perushek

Emily Phifer

Charles S. Plowman, Sr.

Kyle Pollard and Mia King

Daniel and Lisa Prince

Brian and Kelly Proctor

Barbara Proctor

Joseph and Kaitzer Puglia

Rex and Maria Quizon

Justin Raths and Tiffany Chung

Michael and Mirna Recendez

Michael and Mandy Redfern

Donald and Susan Riechel

Tony Riewe

Bonnie Roadarmel

Ginger Robinson

Gary and Susan Rocca

Nila Rodriguez

Stuart Rosenthal

Nicholas and Beatriz Roum

Gene and Gail Rubinson

Daniel and Jennifer Ryan

David and Lola Safer

David and McNally Sagal

Louis and Sherry Sclafani

Barbara Seeley-Moreno

Luis and Amber Serrano

Jacqueline Sharp

Joshua and Yan Shey

Peter Siegel and Ronnie Siegel

Nicole and Diane Sima

Garrett Smith and Joanne Park-Smith

Sugi and Sonia Sorensen

Randall and Sarah Stark

Dr. Anthony C. Stein and Debra F. Rabb

Randall and Cathy Steward

Andre and Anush Sumian

Wenguang Sun and Chia-Hao Wang

Dr. Ian Swanson and Dr. Nelly Khidekel

Linda Swanson

William and Kimberly Tang

Brian Tatum

Roland Thom

Ralph Tilluckdharry

Vinh Tran and Joyce Show

David and Amanda Trocker

Randall and Margaret Trost

Walter and Barbie Tsuha

Robert and Julie Turner

Gene Urcan and Holly Biondo

John and Mary Vandevelde

Rick and Lee Ann Varing

Ron and Kerri Varing

Basil Vassantachart

Alfredo and Victoria Vazquez

David and Catherine Villegas

Donald and Lynn Voss

Michael and Janis Walbrecht

Bill and Carole Waller

Roger and Karen Warburton

Daniel and Michelle Washburn

Martin and Debora Weiss

Brian and Cindy Wilcox

Kim and Christine Wong

May Woo

Xiao Qing Wu and Monika Song

Eric and Elizabeth Yeow

Andrea Yoka

Sudarat and Patara Yontrarak

Christina Young

Ritchie Yuson and Diana Shiba

Jing Zhao and Lu Chen

Christopher and Jennifer Zine


3-2-1 Talent Showcase Acting Studios

Activision Inc.



Bronson Photography

Drawn 2 Art Studios

Earth Oasis Internet, LLC

Gale’s Restaurant

Garden View Landscape, Nursery & Pools

Los Gringos Locos

In-N-Out Burger

Kiwanis Club of La Canada, La Crescenta – A.M.

La Canada Arco

La Canada Pet Grooming

Lanterman House

Lenwood Arco

Most Inspired LIfe & Success Coaching with Julie Page

NBC Universal

Network For Good

Party Host Helpers

Pasadena Ice Skating Center

PayPal Giving Fund

Penelope’s Café Books & Gallery

Victoria Duque Creations

Donors $1 to $99


Christopher Ahern and Tara Georgenes

Jay Ahn and Susana Ahn

Brian and Heather Applegate

Jesus and Lindsay Arias

Susan Arndt

David and Renee Baisley

Sean and Christel Beattie

John and Madeleine Bowers

Ruth Brief

Simon Byrne and Rebecca Voorhees

Fredric and Barbara Castaldo

Natasha Catchings

Marsha Celler

Hun and Hannah Chai

Grace Chan

Christopher and Karen Charbonnet

Johnathan Chen and Jamie Lin

Craig and Marie Chinn

Hyun Suk Choi and Sung Woo

Brandon and Cori Cipes

Patricia Coe

Susan Coolbaugh

Sarah Crookston

Geoffrey Davis and Rachel Holmes-Davis

Karen Decoteau

Alex and Amanda Dehaven

Donna Delacy

Jay and Lisa Dick

Jeremy Dillard and Emily DiPetrillo

Virginia Dillard

Daniel and Amie Doizaki

Betty Evans

Emil and Linda Eyvazoff

Nathan Fan and Amelia Murti

Alexander Favela and Amanda Gandara

George Ford and Hillary Gerber

Bryan and Heidi Friedman

Fred Fujioka and Yasuko Hara

Mark and Anne Furuta

Mark and Desiree Futalan

Puja and DeAngelo Gaska

Jack Ghiragosian and Julie Oushana

William Gomez

Alfred and Stephanie Guzman

Individuals (cont’d.)

Nina Han

Maria Haro

Dave and Diane Harris

Pickles Hazel

Jeffrey and Courtney Hedges

Javier and Daniella Hernandez

Ruth Herring

Dave and Janice Holmes

Rowell and Malve Ildefonso

Jonathan and Agnes Jee

Willan Johnson

Janice Johnston

Dennis and Diane Johnston

Noah Jorne

Sami Kalliokoski and Tiina Jokela

Kyung-Won and Joan Kang

Tagu and Chiaki Kato

Eileen Kennedy

Gary and Anne Kepner

Emma Kilada

Hani and Amani Kilada

Susana Kim

Sang Kuk and Kyung Kim

Jeongseok and Hyunjeong Kim

Jerome and Susanna Kim

Elaine Kim

Paul and Jessica Kim

Sheila King

Scott and Anne Konzen

Alicia Kreisberg

Alice Lew

John and Eliza Logan

Paul Lopez

Betty Jane MacInnes

Barbara Marshall

Steve and Penny Marson

Leslie Martensen

Patrick and Susie McAdam

Zach and Becca McLarty

Michelle Mello

Mike Menerey

Robert and Kimberly Milton

Sindhu Mohandas and Puneet Arora

Jung Mok and Miri Kim

Chuck and Kathy Murchie

Kevin and Rebecca Murchie

Megan Murphy

Catherine Neu

Ng Family

Deanna Nocero

Individuals (cont’d.)

Norma Orlando

Hana Oshima

Jong-Ah Paik and Ji Sook Park

Ryan and Jihee Park

Jamie Pastor

Candace and Mike Strong

Jill Perucki

Timothy and Erika Pieper

Kris and Mary Pilipossian

Allen and Christine Pung

Yingtao Qiu and Xueheng Hou

Lawrence and Jayne Quon

Damon and Tricia Riesberg

Laurel Russell

Sarmad Sadeghi and Afsanehs Barzi

Ed Samson

Raul Sandoval and Maria Barajas

Ryan Sandrew

Stanley and Jane Seltzer

Burk and Caryn Sharpless

Don and Cayce Sheppard

Hiroe and Seiji Shibata

Clem and Jen Shin

Vishal Shrotriya

Robert Snyder

Lauren Sowards

Glen Spearance

Kent and Peggy Stevens

Dong Sun and Bin Huang

Richard and Patti Talbert

Jerry Tambayong and Hariawati Hariawati

Avetis Tashyan and Armine Arzoumanian

Jeanette Taylor

Brian Tilluckdharry

Nikzad Toomarian

Tiffany Tung

Amy Valentine

Michele Vallisneri and Elisa Piccio

Rita Varing

Robin Vaughn

John and Sharon Wake

Duo Wang and Mei Yin Yau

Vilma Watkins

Kelly Watson

Bill and Barbara Weber

Micheal Xu and Leiqian Chen

Paul and Rhoda Yee

Alex and Judy Young

Mary Zajac


CBRE Foundation, Inc.

Casa Cordoba Restaurant

Forge Coffee Roasters

John Sparr Tavern

La Canada Imports

Parent Ed: LCPC

Le Petite Vendome Wine & Spirits

Santa Anita Park

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